The mechanic 2 scheduled October 21st Jason Statham returned to the field (video) easeljs

"The mechanic" 2 scheduled October 21st Jason Statham returned to the field of "mechanical" Division 2 "return to the field version of a given file notice of the Tencent entertainment news on September 21st, by Denis · gansser directed the crime action movie" mechanic 2: Resurrection ", have been identified in October 21st in the domestic release. The film side also released a "return to the field version of a given file notices and posters, the film starring Jason ·, Jessica · Stenson; Alba and Tommy Lee · · Jones and Michelle Yeoh full debut, by Jason · three assassination Stenson DaTouZhen surfaced, the blasting exciting rhythm triggered at any moment. Five years ago, "the mechanic" in Jason · Stenson’s killer Arthur · killing in the subtle manipulation of invisible bishop has been fans talked about; five years later, Stenson once again hanging open battle, anterior unknown trip back on the assassination. I believe this guy was the beauty of the Hollywood action blockbusters "mechanic 2: Resurrection" in the golden autumn for fans offer a hard food. Stenson returned to the field without killer retired five years ago, "the mechanic" in Jason Stenson’s killer Arthur · · bishop with its cold attitude, exquisite technique, hanging skills to become a good killing machine. After a series of assassination, Stenson tried to retreat down, but this is not easy. Five years later, in "mechanic 2: Resurrection", Stenson to save the beloved Jessica · Alba, was forced to return back into battle, will receive three difficult upgrade assassinations across five continents to assassinate three of the world’s number one danger. The exposure of the "return to the field version of a given file poster, Stenson as" the mechanic "that alone, there is beauty Jessica · Alba and Michelle Yeoh company, is the old play bone Tommy · Li · Jones company, as well as a mysterious enemy spells, the background is similar to a" poster Buddha "ring composed of many heavy machine guns," Buddha "in the middle of the head when Stenson assured, full of strength," the ultimate task, and resolutely to copy the deadly skills ". At the same time, the exposure of the notice given file, Stenson, wall climbing heaven into the sea to assassinate, agile, fierce fighting skill to the kind of meat, a hit in marksmanship, within the time limit of precision planning layout, complete a series of assassinations. Which use tools that make the building air swimming pool fragmentation, the target falls to death scene is quite spectacular. Seventy year old play bone Tommy · Li · Jones’s a hero in the film, not only was blown up, and Stenson said to him that "you’ll get a triple kill you," he smiled mysteriously, not provoking speculation, but also makes the plot to whirling. Have deep love killer Statham female man as Hollywood sexy action tough guy Jason · Statham’s representative "mechanic" sequel, "the film mechanic 2.相关的主题文章: