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Everyone that shops for insurance coverage wonders which car insurance .pany is really the best one to do business with. They all want to pay the lowest price for insurance, but still want the best customer and claims service possible. Since you can’t trust the advertising that is created by the insurance .panies, how do you know which one really provides this .plex .bination? You can locate this information from outside sources that rank insurance .panies to see which .pany is the best or the worst in a specific area. These lists, like the ones provided here, will help you make a decision based on what is important to you. Keep in mind though that these rankings are for all of the United States and may have insurance .panies that you have never known of. Insurance across the nation is unique from one area to the next, just like we are. Advertising Mascots Being able to identify an insurance .pany is very important when it .es to business in the insurance field. The more you are familiar with a particular insurance .pany’s name, the more likely you are going to contact them when you are getting insurance quotes. More and more insurance .panies are using .pany mascots to effectively get their name to be recognized by consumers. A study was even done to test the effectiveness of insurance advertising on consumers like you (Advertising Age). From this study a trend of three main insurance .pany mascots stuck out as the most recognized: 3. Allstate’s Mayhem 2. Flo with Progressive 1. The GEICO Gecko .panies With The Worst Claim Service Bad service in the claims area of an insurance .pany is a result of bad customer service and also client’s not seeing .panies paying on legitimate claims. In the study that was done by JD Powers for their 2010 Auto Claims Satisfaction no single insurance .pany graced this list as the worst of the worst. The Auto Claims Satisfaction study ranked insurance .panies on: Rental Experience and Settlement, Appraisal, repair Process, Service Interaction and First Notice of Loss. In the "Overall Satisfaction" category these are the three .panies (in alphabetical order) that earned a miserable 2 out of a possible 5: – 21st Century – .merce – Mercury .panies With The Best Claims Service The heart of insurance .panies is their claim’s department. When a driver purchases an insurance policy, they are purchasing a promise from the .pany that they will pay their claims according to the coverage that they buy. If an insurance .pany does not follow through with this promise, they do not deserve your money. Per the JD Power’s 2010 Auto Claims Satisfaction study, these following insurance .panies do follow through on their claims promise: 1) Auto-Owners Insurance 2) American Family 3) Amica Mutual 4) California State Automobile Association (CSAA) 5) Erie Insurance 6) The Hartford (Auto-Owners Insurance is the only one to rate a 5 out of 5. The rest on this list tied for best "Overall Satisfaction" with 4 out of 5). .panies With The Best Customer Service Customer service is important in every field, not just insurance. But, with the high .petition in the insurance field it can mean the difference between a profitable quarter and not. A .pany that treats their customers badly is giving them little reason not to move their insurance to another .pany. Every year JDPower.. has a Customer Service Champions award given to .panies who exceed the expectations of their clients in the area of customer service. These are the .panies that earned the award in 2011: – Amica – Auto-Owners Insurance – Erie Insurance – Farm Bureau Insurance – NJM Insurance Group – USAA 2011 Fortune 500 Insurance .panies The .panies that make the Fortune 500 list are not ranked on criteria that a person shopping around for insurance is looking for. They are ranked by .pany solidity and earnings, more of what an investor is looking for. However, for a driver this information is important as the .panies that make this list are less likely to go out of business any time soon. Meaning that they will still be around when you need a claim paid. These are the top 10 .panies in the "Insurance: Property and Casualty" field: 1) Berkshire Hathaway 2) AIG 3) State Farm 4) Liberty Mutual 5) Allstate 6) Travelers Cos 7) Hartford Financial 8) Nationwide 9) United Services Automobile Association 10) Progressive About the Author: Locating A Waukesha Mortgagelender After Filing Bankruptcy! 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