The Great Wall exposure to the ultimate POSTER FULL war – Entertainment Sohu was triggered at any mo ghost observer

"The Great Wall" exposure to the ultimate poster full assembly war triggered at any moment – Sohu "the Great Wall" entertainment Tian Jing, Andy Lau Matt, the ultimate poster? Damon, Chen Xuedong in the series of travel Huang Xuan, Eddie Peng, Lin update three generals click into the [HD Photo] Sohu Entertainment directed by Zhang Yimou hesui blockbuster gluttonous "the Great Wall" in December 16th the national release, the film brings together Matt, Damon Tian Jing, Pedro – Pascal, William – Dafoe, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Lu Han, Zheng Kai, Huang Xuan, Lin update, Chen Xuedong, Wang Junkai and other foreign luxury lineup, Liu Bing, Li Heng and Yu Xin Tian might send a new actor. Today, the film side released the ultimate poster poster with dark gray color, the middle Matt armed was preparing for Damon, Andy Lau and Pedro attitude, Pascal and other major roles in the left and right sides, all eyes firmly locked away, create a sense of tension that people can not help but to raid the enemy that is full of imagination. As the poster says "subversive imagination", the Zhang Yimou international top creative and production team to build the international commercial film, on the Chinese most familiar with the "the Great Wall", from the fierce monster form, their characteristics to the garrison camp, and then to the grand battle scenes show, are constantly advancing imaginary boundary. "The Great Wall" is one of the ultimate strength of the whole team debut Zhang Yimou poster as ready as now the world’s most influential Chinese director, Zhang Yimou on the scene of the scheduling and precise characterization skill needless to say, the very aesthetic lens art and picture control has also been praised for. This time, he told the ultimate use of color and will be able to show, from the ultimate poster can be seen in the main draw, black clouds city atmosphere, but in addition to Matt – Damon and Pedro – Pascal five soldiers armor infectious Mingyan showed the film rich color tone, let a person look forward to interpretation of the five army in the movie. Located in the center position of the poster Matt Damon on the face of the smoke seemed not wipe, looks like just experienced a bitter struggle. Besides him, Andy Lau, Tian Jing, Zhang Hanyu, frowning, deer Han, Eddie Peng, Huang Xuan, Chen Xuedong, Lin update several soldiers also have flashed weapons, put offensive potential. They are nervous and even light clothes, let the tension as troops; the background of the Great Wall mission and raised Taiwan is directed at the Fiso approaching fall into a reverie. The characters have to face, is an unprecedented human force. This is the movie "the Great Wall" has been the core of the story: in the the Great Wall off the guard ring China elite troops to defend humanity in the Great Wall, known to the world battle gluttonous story. In the film, Chinese most familiar with the "the Great Wall", in addition to the continuation of the the Great Wall as a barrier against the popular set, also retained the the Great Wall on behalf of the bloody Chinese spirit. But in the way of expression, the integration of the essence of Hollywood Zhang Yimou, no doubt will make fans unexpected. As he said, "I’ve been filming for 30 years, and I’m trying to do something new". .相关的主题文章: