The founder of Zara by selling clothes beyond Gates how he turned from the laborer’s richest man jinshen

The founder of ZARA by selling clothes beyond Gates how he turned from the laborer’s richest man? Zhang Yantao September 8th news, on Wednesday, the Spanish retail wizards, ZARA founder Oman – (Ortega) has exceeded the world’s richest man to become the world’s richest man, (Amancio). Oman Theo – of the Inditex group, which is ZARA, Massimo Dutti and Pull& Bear’s parent company, shares rose 2.5% on Wednesday, so that the personal wealth of the personal wealth of the Oman – – $1 billion 700 million increase of $. Now, Ortega’s net assets reached $79 billion 500 million, while Bill Gates was $78 billion 500 million. Europe’s richest man fast fashion empire from the "excellence" magazine in 2016 9 do not advertise ZARA brand, but usually in the luxury brand price close neighbors, "oil pattern" to occupy the world quickly. New York, Paris and Shanghai have been captured, behind ZARA Inditex’s parent company in Spain the old man became one of Europe’s richest man, even beyond Bill Gates. His company is now under the management of managers, some people questioned Oman Theo Ortega in retirement, change the nature of the Inditex family of companies, but more people think Ortega is just in succession to pave the way for their daughter. The laborer of northwest Spain La Coruna is where Ortega grew up in 1936, shortly after the birth of Ortega with his father’s work to change this. La Coruna is a densely populated land outside the law, smugglers and pirates at the same time, it is also one of emerge in an endless stream; the poorest regions of Spain, the economic conditions are good enough most of the residents moved to other provinces, or emigration. In local elections, politicians will even go to Argentina and Mexico to vote, because these places overseas voters accounted for about 30% of the total number of local voters. The oppression of poverty, so that Ortega mind, which is the root cause of his initial business. Ortega believes that the school was determined and not the solution as pressing danger for the family, so he dropped out of school. At the age of 13, he went to a tailor’s shop to make clothes for the rich. After a long time immersed, Ortega became a tailor’s assistant from the initial errands, it also makes Ortega have knowledge and understanding of the original garment production and sales process. Ortega clearly recognized that a piece of clothing in the production, circulation, sales contain huge profits. This is the path to his success in the future. The robe body has now ranked the world’s four largest fashion chain of ZARA, it is the masterpiece of Ortega. And the establishment of ZARA should be speaking from the robe. In 1960s, he has a lot of MS robe orders. But the price is ridiculously high, in addition to rich, few people interested. At this time Ortega made a decision in their lifetime — version similar to produce cheap robe. .相关的主题文章: