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The first big gang! Wherever the 6 Secretary of the 9 governor to come forward (table) – Sohu news: the State Council Chang’an Avenue governor APP found out third major inspection inspection team has arrived at the destination, begin to work. Group members met with local leaders of provinces of land and Resources Minister Jiang Daming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of construction Lu Kehua Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong, mayor Wang Dongfeng on behalf of the Ministry of science and party secretary Wang Zhigang, the Ministry of land and resources of Jiangsu Province Chief Planner Yan Zhiyao feldspar thaifeng customs director Yu Guangzhou National Quality Inspection Administration of Party member of the Fujian provincial Party committee secretary Quan Tian Shihong, governor of the State Administration of Taxation in Homer the Secretary General Wang Jun, deputy auditor general audit Qin Boyong Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan Wei Xiaodong of vice director of the State Administration of the central office deputy director Yang Hubei junior high school acting governor Wang Xiaodong Housing Minister Chen Zhenggao of Ministry of agriculture Party member of the Bi Mei family, the State Department counselor Fang Ning Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Secretary, chairman Lin cloth Li Jiheng longer Vice Minister of culture Yang Zhijin, the State Department counselor Xia Bin (head no reports) Chongqing   national health and Family Planning Commission Director Li Bin, vice chairman of the Commission Fang Xinghai, Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming, governor Yin Li, CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo Xu Jianpei of secretary-general of the Ministry of science and technology of Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Wu Yingjie, deputy president of the Academy of National School of Administration Losandyan village Long Ma deputy director of SASAC Wang Wenbin, Liaoning provincial Party Secretary Li Xi, governor Chen Qiufa in Hebei, Hainan Ningxia is actively preparing for deployment, seventh, tenth, nineteenth groups of inspectors arrived. Provincial leaders have attached great importance to the supervision of Party and government leaders, both to meet, and that attitude: thanks to the inspection teams to the province for the development of "pulse", to the inspection as a self check, self analysis, self rectification, opportunity to improve themselves, to the problems found in the inspection to enact reform legislation, effectively solve. Inspection team position formulation quite innovative: not only to find the problem, but also to sum up the advanced experience, put forward opinions and suggestions, will be realistic to reflect the difficulties facing the central". Before leaving Beijing, the men were three to five report warned, must strictly abide by the provisions of the central eight inspection team members and the "ten no", the maintenance inspection team good image, do not give place to add unnecessary trouble. The ninth group leader Yu Guangzhou said the leadership of Fujian Province, the recent typhoon "Meranti" to give Fujian a serious impact on the current Fujian is fully into the post disaster restoration and reconstruction work, inspection teams will be pragmatic style to carry out the inspection, reduce the impact to the grassroots work. In conjunction with not only to find a problem, but also to sum up experience, the new approach is to further improve the supervision of the incentive mechanism, there is also a penalty award. According to the results of the inspection, the State Council will be really hard work, the effectiveness of the work of the place to give a notice of recognition in the capital, projects and land and other areas to increase incentives to support and tilt to the grassroots cities and counties. Well done cadres, should be commended and supported. Chang’an Avenue governor APP have done previously, inspection is a way of conduction layers of pressure. At the end of August, the State Council has asked the provinces ahead of self-examination. Provincial leader and so on相关的主题文章: