The father of Ragnarok making salvation tree mobile version officially announced cancam

The father of Ragnarok making "salvation tree" mobile version officially announced recently, the Korean game maker Nexon officially announced, IMC Games developed by the "salvation" the tree of mobile phone version will be officially named as "the tree: reset (mobile version???????????????)", "the tree: Mobile Edition" is based on the "reset" the tree of world outlook, system, music and style to create a mobile phone online role-playing game, in addition to adapt to the mobile phone also developed a simple UI interface and control mode. "The tree" is the early once set off an upsurge of MMORPG "Ragnarok" producer Jin Xuegui personally produced, and all the effort investment also makes "salvation tree" is regarded as a game player is "Ragnarok" spiritual sequel so get a lot of attention, and the details of the game screen style design are compared good can be regarded as the representative works of Korean online games in recent years. The previous version of PC is in the spring of 15 in the Korean open test, and then in Europe and the United States, Taiwan and other regions have gradually promotion, unfortunately, for Chinese, the game uses a blockade of IP measures. In the just released Mobile Games version, it is not difficult to find the world view of the game, including UI music system, to a certain extent, the continuation of the end of the tour game style, for a warrior, mage, Archer and clergy 4 occupation, each occupation can be upgraded to transfer or to continue practicing this occupation for example, the two turn, occupation choice flame wizard or ice barrier warlock, without can continue practicing magic skills transfer, upgrade original skills and learn advanced skills. When the upgrade to three rpm, may be in the magician, wizard, warlock and ice barrier flames two two RPM three RPM occupation and occupation connection ability five to choose occupation. The occupation skill tree has been released, but some chain skills you need to learn specific skills can be learned, in addition to other occupation practice will give new occupation characteristics, after the transfer can also continue to use the original skills. Although this did not disclose the specific on-line time, but according to the screenshot is not difficult to see that the game is done is already quite high, and Nexon has also said it will in the next period of time to gradually push for more information. (source: 1 network) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: