The end of an era the last domestic film production line closed in October (video) rainism

The end of an era: the last film production line closed in October Shanghai film technology factory was established in 1957 of the Shanghai film technology plant has a history of nearly sixty years, under the Shanghai Film Group, is one of the earliest professional film processing base built, was also in years of high yield technology processing base film. Which is responsible for the film production processing department, production department is the core of this factory. Today, the technology plant news, will be closed before the end of October the last film production line. With the accelerated pace of people, that belongs to the "former slow" era is also one thing away from us. As a very young art, every innovation of the film, with the progress of technology. The popularity of new technology is always the elimination of old technology. With the development of digital technology blowout, people in the VR technology and CGI special effects marvel at the same time, the film has been in the field of long-term hegemony of the film, will also withdraw from the stage of history. From the beginning of Kodak film collapse, dying speech has never stopped. With the film factory production line closed, plus already closed film production of Changchun film studios and Beijing film and video laboratory, this time the film might have really disappeared in Chinese. The production line is from the peak to the end. However, for more than ten years, the world of film has been taking film as the time axis. From black and white to color, from 8 mm to 35 mm, 16 mm, 70 mm or even standard, people through the reels of film, the maximum possible reduction of the constant pursuit of the world. The film has not failed to live up to the expectations of the people, through continuous technological improvement and industrial precipitation, with its excellent sensitivity and charming image quality to promote the image of the aesthetic and expression capacity of continuous development. In recent years, the use of film film has been less and less. In the Chinese film world, in addition to Hongkong, the Taiwan area as well as "the great master", "Nie concealed woman" such directors as, only "White Ape", Liu Shi arrow "Yangtze River map" scanty film works etc.. Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese cinema. As a veteran film company, Shanghai film studios, is an important part of the development of modern China film. Not only produce "railway guerrillas", "pipe", "civil war", "Ji Maoxin", "crossing" reconnaissance classic old movie, "the founding of a republic", "Tokyo trial" and the new century the main theme of the film, also walk out of here. These films are very different in style, but they share a common label film film. Whether it is technically brilliant, or film of the popular market, have studios brought huge industrial benefits. Shanghai film technology plant incumbent director Chen Guanping told the surging news reporter: "our factory is one of the earliest professional film processing base is built, the higher China annual output film processing technology base, there have been too many classic movies here was born. The choice of life and death, "2046" and so on, we should all know. Of course, there are a lot of import Fenzhang copy prints, is that we do it." The Shanghai film technology plant will be closed, the original factory in the core department – printing film association.相关的主题文章: