The city has openly selling wild wild birds in serious cases or sentenced

The city has openly selling wild wild birds in serious cases or sentenced to the original title: North Beach Bridge noichi openly selling wild birds   recent bird lovers reflect, Haidian District North Beach bridge southwest side of the woods, every Saturday, Sunday morning there are people who sell siskin, silvereye, coal tit such as wild birds many birds, Beijing city is a two class protected animal. Beijing morning news reporters yesterday at the scene found that the price of these birds in the tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, including a blue bird bid up to 1000 yuan. Reporters reflect the matter to the city forest police, the staff said it would go to the scene to understand the situation. Hidden forest trafficking wild birds yesterday morning, the reporter went to the North Beach near the bridge and saw a temporary market hiding in a poplar forest, and surrounded by a high wall. The woods sold dove, bird, selling fish, insects sell and sell antique stalls everything. Among them, there are five or six stalls selling birds, some of the cage directly hanging on the trees, some are on the ground from dozens of bird cage in a row (Figure). It is understood that there are volunteers to take pictures of volunteers in the last weekend, hundreds of birds were caged in the sale. Reporters at the side of a hawker tree and saw a bird as the sparrow sized back was brown, two wings are tied up line endings. "Songbird, to?" See someone to see the bird, the hawker immediately gathered together, "cheap, 25 yuan a, you see how beautiful the bird." The reporter asked why pretending customers, wire bird wings, the other answer is "just get back, now flying too fast, I’m afraid to hit the cage and killed". As for wild birds can feed the bird said, take the rope with the wings of birds make it used at home is good for two days, "certainly no problem, will be able to live to stuttering". In his stall, the reporter also saw dozens of marsh tits, Zosterops siskin, etc.. The South North High bird in another live reporter saw a stand back and tail are blue bird poulterer, told reporters that this bird is sapphire, the price up to 1000 yuan, at the market is called high price birds. "The bird is beautiful, it is good, it must be expensive." Poulterer proudly said, his only breeding method of "baby" is very simple, only need to be fed some corn noodles. The reporter took some pictures to bird bird experts, the other told reporters, "Sapphire" is actually the Hainan blue fairy, generally live in low shrubs and trees, insects, and non hawkers said corn noodles. "This is a southern bird that should be captured and sold to the north. However, due to different living habits and environment, in the north is difficult to raise, very easy to die". The bird experts recognize that the sale of birds and siskin, marsh tits, Siberian Rubythroat, coal tit, songbirds, black Drongo and other wild birds, is "three" (i.e., useful, or have important scientific and economic value of the wild animal protection of birds). Reporter query "Beijing city a protected wild animal list", yellow bellied tits, black Drongo are in their columns; the rest of the birds are mostly Beijing 2相关的主题文章: