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The car started second car? Look at these you will understand Sohu with old cars in the car driver to shift the timing, the old driver always speak closely reasoned and well argued, can not tell how in the case of the clutch shifting skills and should pay attention to some matters in the road. But there is a problem, most of the old drivers are aware of doing so hurt the car, but still so the operation, that is the issue of several stalls start. Generally speaking when the process is in the driving school to learn, with a start, then according to the speed and the speed of the engine gradually shift up, because the lower gear torsion bigger, that is to say in a car when the biggest car most powerful torque, torque decreases, this is also the reason why to use a car or stand in the hill climbing. Anyway, if you do not have a start at the start, and start with the second file can be? The fact that there is no problem, but most of the old drivers are second started, and even with a third start, it also shows that the engine torque enough, a stall can be started. But the old driver’s gear started, the car how? 1, gear clutch wear increases, because of the high starting gear, and does not match the current speed, the driver need to control clutch long time in a semi state, until the shift and speed matching to released the clutch, otherwise easy to flameout. 2, second start leads to increased fuel consumption, because the higher gear torque is low, lack of power to start, fuel consumption. 3, starting low efficiency, slow start, delay time. 4, the working condition of the engine, if the oil from the well not easy flameout, the engine knock more easily, not only a waste of fuel and combustion is not sufficient, so long will the combustion chamber carbon, engine wear increase, thus affecting the power, fuel consumption, safety and comfort. The above disadvantages are based on the second starting conditions, but the second start doesn’t have to be in the snow, such as the start, the vehicle driving force will cause the car wheel slip, starting with second gear reduces the torque, when the wheels in slippery situations can be a smooth start, a lot of cars on the working principle of configuration the snow is so. But in general, the starting gear has certain harm to the car, but for the old drivers starting gear is a kind of habit, one can save the starting time, on the other hand can reflect the engine. A car: Car master has a problem, find a car at the auto master, master has 100 thousand certified professional 4S automotive technician, quick answer your car repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.. Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: WeChat car car add up arrow press copy master相关的主题文章: