The Canadian R & D coffee without caffeine wristbands can be refreshing (map) 519697

Canadian R & D caffeine wristbands do not need to drink coffee can also be refreshing (pictured) original title: Canadian youth R & D caffeine wristband without coffee can also refresh (map) Canadian young invention of caffeine band, wear it, you do not go to the coffee shop queuing up to buy coffee. Beijing, February (Xinhua) 19, according to foreign media reports, many people are accustomed to drink coffee every morning, refreshing, but to the coffee shop long queues are very inconvenient. Young and Keliuke Canada Pauline invented the name Joule "caffeine wristband". The caffeine with appearance similar to the general intelligent fitness strap, built-in wear, caffeine, caffeine can penetrate the skin of the wrist blood vessels, play a refreshing effect, but also avoid drinking coffee stains caused by blood sugar and other problems. The amount of caffeine per cup is equal to a cup of coffee, but it will penetrate slowly within 4 hours, in order to prevent users from taking too high concentration of caffeine in a short time and discomfort, and can be replaced at any time. Pauline and Keliukeben month launched to raise the public, has raised $33 thousand each, $29 (about 189 yuan), including a wristband and enough replacement one month caffeine paste, is expected in July listed. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

加拿大研发咖啡因腕带 无需喝咖啡也能提神(图)   原标题:加国青年研发咖啡因腕带 无需喝咖啡亦能提神(图) 加拿大青年发明的咖啡因带,戴上它就不用去咖啡店排队买咖啡了。   中新网2月19日电 据外媒报道,不少人习惯每天清早喝咖啡提神,但要到咖啡店排长队非常不便。加拿大青年波林及克留克发明了名为Joule的“咖啡因腕带”。   这款咖啡因带的外表与一般智能健身手带相似,内置咖啡因贴,戴上后,咖啡因可经手腕皮肤渗入血管,发挥提神作用,又可避免因饮咖啡导致的血糖及牙渍等问题。   每张咖啡因贴的份量相当于一杯咖啡,但会在4小时内慢慢渗透,以防用户因短时间内摄取浓度太高的咖啡因而出现不适,并可随时更换。   波林与克留克本月发起众筹,至今已筹得3.3万美元,每套售29美元(约合人民币189元),包括一条腕带及足够一个月更换的咖啡因贴,预计于7月上市。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: