The boy is systemic blood spot roadside stalls to eat meat on in vivo detection of rodenticide (

The boy is systemic blood spot roadside stalls to eat meat on in vivo detection of rodenticide (Figure) – Beijing saw the child lying on the bed, Wang Guangbing very heartache Yunnan network (reporter Peng Xi) Yunnan Wenshan 13 year old boy Xiaowen (a pseudonym) eating roadside stalls on the three meat string after the nausea and vomiting. Also Niaoxue and bleeding. In September 22nd, the etiology of patients diagnosed rodenticide poisoning. The first people’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, Wang Yajun, deputy director of Pediatrics said that if rats or cats are poison poison, unscrupulous traders to the dead mouse, cat and processed into meat string or sausage, people after eating may cause rodenticide poisoning. Cause: eat three roadside stalls skewers the reporters came to the provincial hospital inpatient department, see small text has been improved, turned red, but still in the infusion. Is the hospital to take care of Xiaowen’s father Wang Guangbing told reporters, in September 2nd, Wenshan county is the third reading the second small weekend school, at the school gate at the roadside stalls to buy two chicken to eat. In September 3rd, seven in the national flower square village gate shop selling Oden roadside stalls to eat a sausage. Did not expect to September 5th, Wen said he nausea and vomiting, and stomach pain, physical discomfort. "I didn’t care. I thought it was one or two days. But the morning of September 6th, Xiaowen when running phoned me to say stomach pain, let me hasten to send him to the hospital." Wang Guangbing told reporters, to the community hospital after treatment, he found a small paper in blood in the urine, and the child hurriedly rushed to the county hospital. In the county hospital, doctors can not be confirmed, recommended to the hospital. After several days of tossing back and forth, Xiaowen was sent to the hospital in September 18th. Identify: Department of rodenticide poisoning hospital deputy director of pediatric physicians Liu Yan said, come to a hospital after being examined by the doctor to Xiaowen found his skin visible with hematuria, ecchymosis, and coagulopathy. "In general, coagulation disorders are classified as congenital and acquired. But small home no patient coagulation disorder, also means that he is not congenital. Based on our experience, we can see that the patient is not a blood system disease, but a coagulation disorder caused by poisoning by drugs or other substances." After careful examination, the doctor did not find a useful history of patients. So, the hospital will be sent to the blood and urine small provincial hospital for examination, finally check out the enemy rat. Liu Yan, is a national rodenticide diphacinone allowed, it can reduce the ability of blood coagulation in vivo animal, mice died within a few days after the hemorrhage in food. "In general, as long as people eat the poison will be more than 0.16 grams in poisoning." The doctor also said that diphacinone in the human body poisoning a long incubation period, edible contain poisons diphacinone animal meat, people generally do not appear serious acute reactions, but in one or two days will be nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, and the gradual emergence of coagulation dysfunction, manifested as skin and mucosal ecchymosis and internal bleeding of the digestive system. Can cause severe intracranial hemorrhage, until death. Reminder: do not eat roadside reporters also learned that this rodenticide diphacinone human excretion is very"相关的主题文章: