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The Autobiography of Lin Dan big show of affection on bean actually pre exposure? Xie Xingfang Lin Dan: it will support the response derailed men instead of one family Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang Lin Dan would stand together through storm and stress that sort of thing, and we read, or very cross. However, three years ago, super Dan’s autobiography "until the end of the world", the curator had compiled a manuscript, still impressive. At the time of this book is the largest private publishing organization iron company, choose the London Olympic Games time, catch a Lin Danyi win on the starting up a print run of 100 thousand was a bit big, anyway. The Autobiography of Lin Dan but if super Dan didn’t win the championship, this book is not unfinished? At that time, the curator was so dark that he thought. The book is basically out of reach. But to say that Lin Dan’s fans are really powerful, this month, the book’s comments and updates. For fans is a rare super Dan growth history. From the simple style of writing is visible by himself, not please. Some of the paragraphs are directly named, without leaving sensibilities to the system with the coach, but it is also the most real Lin Dan. Salute to the greatest Chinese Badminton players! "P.S." until the end of the world is my love is a song, a resident. 2016.11.06 badminton legend, a good man, a good husband, good father, good son. But in just nine days, the wind dropped from the sky to the ground. But the curator said, in the commentary of article more than and 890, hiding a deep gossip! (I don’t want to go home for dinner, because it is too little, I would also like to brush the bowl) and sincere stubborn unyielding Lin Dan.. You’re cheating on your wife during pregnancy… A look at the release time, stunned in August 26th this year! The Rio Olympics just finished, Zhao Wuer paparazzi haven’t started the users have been the first to announce the truth! While Chuaizhe big gossip, while low buried mine! Side broke the news, while Lin Dan hit five stars! The first half of the sentence is "simple sincere stubborn unyielding", the second half of the sentence to "you actually derailed in the wife during pregnancy"! It is fantastic, this phrase does not appear in the user’s home page bean. There is only one possibility that she hides or deletes the message because she doesn’t want to be seen. All sorts of strange style, very thin Si fear to a deep sense of suspense…… Can only say that the truth is not, but hidden too deep. "I don’t want to go home for dinner, because it’s too little, and I have to wash the dishes." How this sentence is full of gloomy resentment, is this super Dan before the derailment of real psychological? In the Autobiography of Lin Dan "until the end of the world" the twenty-sixth chapter, the night Jun found the source of this sentence: Music from the original girlfriend now become his wife, I will certainly not the same responsibility. I don’t just want to make more money, give her a better life. To some extent, we will be more and more dependent on each other. I like lively family atmosphere. Now, what I enjoy most is when I come home from school, my father, mother, and Fang Fang are all there. Sometimes my cousin will come. Sometimes Fang have classes in the north, or the day to go out to work, Beijing traffic block, come back late, we will wait for her dinner. Sometimes I train.相关的主题文章: