The Asian Cup wins 16 points hit Zhang Changning – Li Jing 21 points and scoring-borderland

The Asian Cup wins 16 points hit Zhang Changning – Li Jing 21 points and scoring Zhang Changning storm sina sports news Beijing on September 19th news, 2016 fifth the end of the 14 Asian Cup women’s volleyball finals in Vietnam Yongfu yesterday. Chen Youquan Bianzhen after China women’s volleyball team two team 3-0 defeated Chinese Taipei successfully qualify for the semi-finals, semi-final battle Thailand team. Yesterday’s game, Chen Youquan made a great adjustment in the lineup, Wang Na replaced Yao Di for the first time will see the first second, Olympic champion Zhang Changning main collusion, collusion of the previous guest Zheng Yixin teamed up with the Yang Zhou regression Fugong position, for Li Jing to return to the starting to partner Chen Liyi Wang Mengjie to replace Dan Danna as the main, free. Because the Taipei team’s overall strength is limited, especially for the net mouth height disadvantage did not account for any cheaper, China women’s volleyball team two this lineup basically did not encounter too many challenges, three straight sets defeat opponent semi-finals. The whole game, Chen Youquan did not adjust personnel. In the Third Battle of Kazakhstan Bureau brief appearance of the Olympic champion Gong Xiangyu due to a system that does not get the opportunity to play. The Taipei women’s volleyball team Chinese statistics 3-0 technology from the technical statistics after the game, the offensive team Chinese 37-34 a slight advantage, blocking 16-3 obvious advantages, occupy the main 4-1 service. Fault links, the Chinese team missed only 8 times, the Chinese Taipei team sent out errors of 18 points. Personal score, Li Jing in the face of the Asian team continued good performance, the audience gains 21 points and scoring, Zhang Changning won 16 points, 11 points for the Yang Zhou, Zheng Yixin had 4 points, Chen Liyi contributed mainly to protect the basic 3 points, Wang Na is credited with 2 points. The Chinese Taipei team. Wu Weihua won the team high 11 points. (Xiao Qiu)相关的主题文章: