The 93 year old mother has died of mad deep mother love. chompoo araya

The 93 year old mother has died of "mad" deep mother love hands Huang was taken away by police, allegedly, was still very excited mood. Material for the figure on November 24th at 6 o’clock in the evening, Huang Cheng was taken away by the police is still hot. Huang’s schizophrenia is very heavy, see the old mother died in front of that moment, he may not be aware of their mistakes". Just a few days ago, Zhang Guihua also tried to protect his son, do not give it to the mental hospital. Deep mother love, the exchange is with the world farewell. When the blood from the top of the gush, the 93 year old Zhang Guihua sat quietly on the sofa, until the end of her life, she probably would not have thought that his life ended in the hands of his own son. Kill! Mentally ill kill his mother! More than 6 points in the vicinity of the night of November 24th, high tech Zone Luan Jin Street building 32 dozens of residents within the district to onlookers, police. After the police upstairs will live on the 6 floor of the yellow with down. "He was feeling very irritable, like before the sick." Liu was in the crowd, according to his memories, there are a lot of blood on the yellow face, clothes, there are blood. "He’s a psychotic. He killed his mother."." The murder occurred within the District, Mr. Liu told reporters said. According to Mr. Liu, Huang mentally ill residents within the district are known, although usually irritable, grumpy, but never trouble, this time do not know what the reason, the mother killed. "I heard that head to split, very cruel." Mr. Liu said. The downstairs neighbor was tortured all night can’t sleep sleep yesterday morning, the reporters came to the high-tech park Luan Jin Zhong Jie, found the scene, would like to know some details by district residents. Mentioned this incident, district residents are all very sorry. "The old lady Zhang Guihua was 93 years old, usually enter everyone know her." An old shoemaker in front of the district said, the son of Zhang Guihua Huang had mental illness, sometimes yellow into "normal" will be the time to go out, people will say hello. Zhang Guihua’s physical condition is not very good, a very serious. "More than 1 points. That afternoon, I saw him standing on the balcony, looked out of the window and shouted." Reporters in conversation with the shoemaker, next to an old man said, see Huang shouted that night some alarm, said Huang will fucking kill. In the Luan Jin Street building 32, the reporter met Mr. Wang lived in unit 2. "Hey, it’s a pity. Such a person really disturbing, but such things happen who do not want to see." Mr. Wang said, Huang married live in 1 units, his family lived in the 2 unit, even if the two are so far away, sometimes at night to see Huang Cheng shouting at home. During the interview, the reporter met to live in the same unit and Huang li. "We all know that, there is no way, not with him of the same level." Lee was busy moving things from the car to the side with the reporter laoke. My family lives on the 3 floor, his family lives on the 6 floor, I am tortured by him to sleep the whole night." Lao Li said, Huang ill when smashing the doors and windows, raise a hue and cry, knock on the heating pipes, throwing things downstairs, living in the ring;相关的主题文章: