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The 8 day schedule: PK Kaisilade Wansika konta Chong third finals – Beijing sports Sohu in October 8th, 2016 Chinese open into the eighth day of competition, the competition will focus on race day is the women’s singles semi-finals, the No. 3 seed radwanska A against J Vito Lina, another semi-final hole tower Keith and dueled. The eighth game key game Stadium (12:30 Diamond Match) women’s doubles semi-final (1) Garcia Maillard (3) Norwich VS Zhan Haoqing Chan Yungjan women’s singles semi-finals (not before 14:30) (11) VS (8) Keith konta British sister hole tower recently very well, the 2016 Australian Open semi-finals, soon the US also entered the fourth round, the online konta sevastova, winning Babos, Pulis Bokova and Zhang Shuai, for the first time in the semifinals of the crown. This is a round hole tower against No. 8 seed Duan Yingying, Keith, who wins Norwich, Kuznetsova and Covey Tova were the first in the semifinals of the crown career. Two players had only one fight, Keith won the victory, the duel the excellent state of two people will be a game well-matched in strength. The women’s singles semi-finals (not before 19:30) (16) J Vito Lina VS (3) A radwanska tournament No. 3 seed A this excellent condition, promotion of the road has not lost a beat Wang Qiang, Caroline Wozniacki, Scherf do Va and Marca Petrova reached the semi-finals, fifth career appearances in the women’s singles semi-finals. Ladd Vansk in the semi-finals of the opponent is J Vito Lina, which has beaten the way to the top of the road to the seed of the number of the seed of the United States, the first time in the game, the first game of the game, the first game of the. Two people in his career had had 3 meetings, A stayed unbeaten to clinch a semi-final. LOTUS STADIUM (14 start) doubles semifinals Dabrowski Sanchez VS Matei Ksar Farro Va Tomic VS Kubote semifinals swarc mero Martin – Blaine – Blaine VS Busta Nadal (MAI Feng Qingyang)相关的主题文章: