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The 6 Sichuan autumn scenery is good place to cry! Sohu – tourism summer weather has gone, autumn has quietly come, basking in the warm sun, black bean pot to take you to these people not much scenery very beautiful place to play, a play hi ~ Qianwei train for the crowd: family travel, family travel, photography, with about bestie lovers many people know that spring train can look at the rape, but especially when people go to play, are playing well, you certainly do not know the autumn train is marigold very beautiful, but with fewer people, take a picture is more beautiful! (picture @ Zhang Huochi) autumn light, brilliant marigold leaves, a steam train slowly coming after a long whistle, refreshing fragrance of chrysanthemum with the water vapor drifting around, and pictures Sahuan, fun to burst! (picture @ Zhang Huochi) address: Leshan city Qianwei County bajiaogou town tips: one-way 80 yuan round-trip tickets, 160 yuan, 1.3 meters below the children free of charge by train but not seat, want to take photos can bring a few changes of clothing self driving route: Chengdu – Chengle – Leshan – Qianwei – Stone Town – train acoli lover for the crowd: the sea, outdoor hiking tour pal enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts also known as sea lover long Zi, Tibetan name "Saerhe feet." the blue water tile in the valley, water and day "is" almost no trace on the mountain, thick forests dotted with Tibetan red house like, like a beautiful fairy tale world! (picture of heaven and earth @ love photography), horses are Grazing Yak, sparse kurai braved the light blue smoke, all the roadside wildflowers jiaoyanyudi….. Everything is so original, so natural, so quiet. On exploration, enjoy the scenery pictures, you want to see the sunrise and sunset, juggling juggling! (picture of heaven and earth @ love photography) address: Jinchuan County Saerhe Mao RI Xiang Jiao Cun tips: Sea lovers not tickets, about 4000 meters above sea level high, can eat in the Tibetans home, but accommodation is not good car route: Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Wenchuan Lixian – meter yarrow – Barkam – Mao ri Xiang lover – Sea city for the crowd: asbestos Menghuo driving, family travel, friends about sex, photography enthusiasts Meng city and no city, but the beautiful natural scenery, here is the largest alpine meadow in southwest Chinese, sitting in the meadow, watching the clouds float quietly, beautiful, carefree! (picture @ Sydney DHC) walk in the green mountains and rivers, touch nature pulse, it is a kind of feeling to the African savannah, and bright red beach can see, in this deserted grassland run, Sahuan, put on a variety of pose pictures, too funny feeling there are wood? (picture @ sunset sky) address: Ya’an City, Shimian County tsubosato chestnut tips: no tickets, car parking fee of 20 yuan, the bus parking fee of 50 yuan, because there is no selling things, so need to bring their own food]相关的主题文章: