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The 3 method is the most easy to take tea with bad, see you move? Sohu and review: the original occurrence of high-quality tea products with bad regrets in life. Good tea, into their own hands after a period of time, will no longer be able to enjoy its drinking value, largely because of the storage of tea, into the following 3 mistakes. A: buy high-quality tea, tea will be opened, the long-term open place, or even directly place in direct sunlight, what will happen? If it is subjected to such treatment of tea, after a period of time, and then to drink tea brewing, will find that tea, tea have weak taste is very light, seriously affecting the drinking taste. At the same time some tea such as Green Tea or Dianhong tea, due to oxidation, Green Tea color change from green to yellow, Dianhong tea by the golden yellow change etc.. Tea due to long-term exposure to strong light, brewing, but also may be uncomfortable, the sun taste". Two: the most common regret in the family is will buy tea, placed near the kitchen (or directly placed in the kitchen and bathroom); even some tea and all kinds of cosmetic products were shelved together. In this environment of tea, to Pu’er Tea as an example. Even with a tissue wrapped tea, long-term and other strong flavor of mutual integration, for a period of time after drinking tea brewing, found in tea mixed, and even smell. This tea naturally lose the drinking value. Case three: the quality of tea, after a period of time, the 35 friends and want to take tea tasting, but found moldy, more serious has been able to clear the tea smell musty, and see the mold shaped tea on, what is specific about the mold on the tea? We have published articles, interested friends can add micro tea: to learn to understand. In such a case, if the Pu’er Tea, usually use bamboo shell packaging, bamboo shell did not dry storage, will cause the tea moldy; while tea during the storage of accidental damp, not timely solve, also can make tea. 3 save the tea method above, easy to bad quality tea. The control will save the tea method and check whether the tea is in the unfavorable environment. So how to store not only the tea will be bad, weapon is as follows: tea storage needs: light, clean, no smell, dry, avoid high temperature. The tea placed direct sunlight to avoid light in violation of this requirement. Tea is the sun exposure, will accelerate the oxidation of aromatic substances decomposition, tea color became pale, tea drinking value decline. Storage of tea, the aroma of tea such as: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, first and then stored in sealed tea, no direct sunlight. Easy to absorb the tea flavor, avoid odor during storage. Don’t take place near the tea stored in the kitchen and toilet with strong smell. The family put tea in the living room, or in the study, the first tea cartons, purple clay pot, canned, and store. The specific steps to save tea at home, you can add Dong said tea public number: dyshuocha view at home to save tea, just follow these two points. By tea相关的主题文章: