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Motivation How many times have you felt unmotivated or disheartened to continue your goals because of a constant struggle or obstacle you’re encountering? A lot of people are like this. No matter how you tell them to continue in life and move on, it’s perfectly normal to feel hopeless or lose the can-do attitude from time to time. The more important thing, though, is that you also strive to get back on track, no matter what types of struggle life may give you. Speaking of motivation, we tend to have varying tastes when it .es to what we consider as motivating factors. It can be something that you really dream of doing, a personal motivation for yourself, or at most times, an inspirational person or selected individuals you can look up to. These people are people-movers and attitude-changers in their chosen fields or industries, and they can impart a lot of inspirational and motivational tips and advice, not only from their own success stories but also more on the hardships and failures they encountered. Afterburner Inc, Mark Bosnich, Kevin Sheedy, Fiona O’loughlin, and Tony Jones Have you heard about them? If you live in Australia, I’ll bet you’ve heard of them a time or two. Not surprising if you know about some of their stories, considering the interesting lives they lead. Here’s a brief intro about their life and some notable achievements and recognitions. Afterburner Incorporated Founded by James D. Murphy (US Air Force fighter pilot) in 1996, this group of speakers offers managerial and executive training, from corporate and business workshops to team-building events. The .pany is among the fastest growing in America, apart from being constantly featured regularly in various notable publications such as Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. The .pany has also made appearances in different media channels like Fox News and CNN. Murphy is also behind the book Busines Is .bat and Flawless Execution. Having branched out operations in Australia, Europe, Asia, and Canada, this .pany is a constant favorite when it .es to speech discussions like change management, teamwork, .munication skills, business, and adventures. Mark Bosnich One of the most famous Australian footballers no doubt, Bosnich is considered a legend in Australian football. Being a prominent and fine sports personality himself, he is also a media .mentator, constantly giving speeches and sharing insights about his field of expertise. If you are into sports especially football, you sure can learn a lot of tips and advice from this personality. Not only is he good in sports, he is also considered a great goal-setting and motivational speaker. Kevin Sheedy Another well-respected Australian Football League legend, Sheedy has coached Essendon Football Club to 4 premiership wins. He is inaugural coach of Greater Western Sydney these days, helping engage new .munities in this Australian sport. He also has big participation in the development of AFL Sportsready this is a program that has been able to provide around 4,000 employment opportunities for a lot of young people. An excellent player and coach, Sheedy is one of Australia’s most sought-out sports speakers. He’s also exceeded expectations when it .es to speech topics like business, creativity and innovation, and team building. Fiona O’loughlin A regular mother and a multi-faceted personality, that’s Fiona. She’s a columnist and writer, standup .edian, and well-regarded speaker and host. She and her husband had also served as foster parents to at least 30 children. With her interesting personality and special wit, Fiona is one prominent corporate entertainment host and inspirational female speaker in Australia. She’s a great inspirational figure, constantly sharing tips and her stories on how she managed work and life balance, in spite of the numerous adversities she had to face. Tony Jones A well-respected journalist with more than 20 years of experience in radio and TV news and current affairs, Jones is among the top media personalities in Australia. His expertise in the media industry garnered him a series of awards, including a Gold Medal in the New York Film and Television Festival and a Walkley Award. Apart from his media appearances, Jones is also a favorite conference facilitators and moderators. For a dose of inspirational advice, you can check out Tony Jones and the other personalities mentioned here. Hire them for your event or simply learn tips from these notable experts in various fields. You can know more about them at Platinum Speakers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: