Taizhou City crackdown on illegally parked vehicles found first Chaogu Trailer again-mkdv-02

Taizhou City crackdown on illegally parked vehicles found first Chaogu Trailer then a reporter from the Taizhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau, traffic police will henceforth crackdown on Taizhou city civil strife parking phenomenon, found parked vehicles first Chaogu Trailer again. In the morning, the traffic police department of Jiaojiang Jia Road and healthy road parking vehicles implement drag. "This area parking chaos phenomenon is widespread, the traffic will be a traffic jam, pedestrians crossing the road there is a big security risk." Li sister said the public, the traffic police remediation efforts to stop the public point of praise. Vehicles parked illegally seriously affect traffic order and safety, traffic police copied the same time, the vehicle will be parked illegally towed." City Traffic Police Bureau order brigade captain Li Yonglong said, for not complying with the provisions of the temporary parking of other vehicles and pedestrians, a fine of 50 yuan, is not deducted; vehicle parked in violation of regulations, temporary parking and driving people leave immediately at the scene or the driver is at the scene refused to interfere with other vehicles and pedestrians, a fine 150 yuan, not deduct. It is understood that the renovation process, the city traffic police bureau will adjust the service arrangements, the police to the road tilt. In the traffic peak period, urban sections will increase the frequency of patrols, officers found illegal parking of vehicles, the first whistle, propaganda to remind the drivers leave the car parking for refusing to leave the road, and the driver is not in the scene, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the corresponding penalties; peak period. Strengthen management of traffic order of hospital, dock, Station Road, avoid traffic congestion caused by parking. "Motor vehicles Luantingluanfang special rectification activities is just a beginning, then, the traffic police department will also continue to strengthen the parking order management mechanism." Li Yonglong appeal, I hope the majority of drivers consciously abide by traffic rules, orderly parking.相关的主题文章: