Taiwan group occupied DPP office dissatisfaction was cut 7 days off yvette yates

A group of members of the Democratic Progressive Party Office occupied dissatisfaction was cut off 7 days of the original title: Taiwan group was cut off 7 days of occupation of dissatisfaction with the DPP’s total call office in new network on 1 November, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan labor groups dissatisfied with the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus forced through a case of a law trial confirm, journal, office as early as 1, about 20 young people into the DPP’s total call Ker chien – Ming, Ke Jianming and asked to debate, but Ke Chien Ming is not in the office, work groups present in the office of Ke Jianming Ke Jianming to sit, let it have to leave. Police on site alert, search card. Today morning, about 20 young people into the Ke Chien Ming Office, pull up banners, said 7 days off all the workers cut behind Ke Jianming, said he was "cut off, he criticized the total call in June this year, industrial and commercial organizations and secret meeting, after that Ke like" capital legislative spokesman, after the trial two minutes, take a minute through confirmation proceedings. In the face of these youth groups, said they could not accept, decided to take over Ke Jianming’s office today, Ke Jianming said in the October 28th party consultation said that today welcomed the debate, to debate with Ke Jianming Lao tuan. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: