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Sun Hongbin vowed to only 2 years to enter the housing prices in the first camp rongchuang [Abstract] if you want to find a "star entrepreneurs with clear objectives, proper strategies and powerful execution", Sun Hongbin in China fully deserve the real estate industry, if you want to find a "star entrepreneurs with clear objectives, proper strategies and execution of powerful, Sun Hongbin fully deserve. In early 2014, Sun Hongbin proposed to melt into the future to enter the first camp housing prices, to this day, only a record of more than 2 years to achieve the goal of entering the first camp. According to the China real estate information group jointly issued by the China real estate assessment center ranked data show that the financial record of the sales volume from eleventh in 2013, rose to the first half of this year, the eighth. The housing prices are worried about being chased from last year to August of this year, the financial record through the open market and mergers and acquisitions initiatives, a large increase in land reserves. As of June this year, the number of projects in China’s financial operations amounted to 156, with a total land reserve of 46 million square meters, the interests of land reserves of 30 million 970 thousand square meters. As of December 31, 2015, with a record of about 27 million 200 thousand square meters of land reserves, land rights and interests of a total of about 18 million 50 thousand square meters of land, can be seen in the growth of the six months. More striking, as of June 30th, the financial record also holds 40 billion 100 million yuan in cash reserves. This not only allows the company to have a stronger ability to resist market risk, but also to create an opportunity to create a financial restructuring in the market to further enhance the acquisition of other housing quality projects. August 30th, the financial record of the interim results released in 2016, as of June 30th, the company achieved operating income of 10 billion 586 million, an increase of 94.5%. In the first half the company achieved total sales of 56 billion 50 million, an increase of 106%. Sprint billion this year may be able to achieve the beginning of this year, Sun Hongbin, chairman of China’s public finance has said in public, sales exceeded 100 billion target will be achieved in 2017. Now it seems that this goal may be conservative, the financial record is likely to be able to sell more than one hundred billion this year. The first half of 2016, due to the company’s regional roots and high-end boutique strategy, SUNAC Chinese achieve the ideal sales. As of June 30th, the company achieved a total sales amount of 56 billion 50 million, an increase of $106% in the first half of 2015. According to the company’s disclosure of the data, the first half of the sales contract mainly from Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other original core city group, Chengdu, Wuxi, new Hefei, Suzhou and other second tier core city also began to enter the sales cycle, each city to further enhance the market share, including Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuxi local sales champion, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ji’nan three city market share is located in the city before five. Data show that the first half of a total of 28 new projects will be available for the first time in the third and 42 quarter, new sales volume of about 40 billion 300 million; in addition to the original project, the total available resources of about 168 billion, a record company. Wang Mengde, chief executive officer, said, given the strong strength of the company and market performance, sales in September is expected to reach相关的主题文章: