Summers Over…..stay Safe!

Home-Securtiy Were now into September and the nip in the air tells us that the nights will soon be drawing in and before we know it well be going to work in the dark and .ing home in the dark. As well as missing the sunshine and warmth the autumn and winter months .e with another set of problems facing your home , During the winter months people tend to keep themselves to themselves and often spring is like emerging from hibernation, you greet the neighbours and chat over the fence about what you did at christmas , Finally mow the lawn and enjoy being able to look out of the window at what the rest of the street are doing this hibernation mentality and the extra cover that is provided by the darker evenings mean that often you lose the neighbourhood watch feeling that you have during the lighter months and a strange face lurking around or someone sneaking through a gate can be missed. If you are not lucky enough to live within a close knitted .munity home security will be an even higher priority for you year all round. The best home security solution is a burglar alarm system and with the new technology offering smart home security solutions such as monitored burglar alarms that raise the alert even when you arent home and wireless burglar alarm installation the time has never been better to invest in a smart home alarm system. Many systems interact with a smartphone app to that enables you to view photographs and video footage of an intruder whatever your location and can even allow you to check in on home alone pets ( or teenagers!) In addition to your home security system we have .piled a list of home security measures you can take to help you protect you and your family’s home and possessions . *Make sure that all entrances and windows are secure with locks that are correctly fitted and that there is no loose panels or panes of glass that can be removed or forced. *Protect your shed. Often sheds are forgotten about when thinking home security but often contain high value easily removable items such as tools or even ladders that can be used to break into a less secure ( and often overlooked) upper story window. *Even if you do not have a timer facility leave lights ( in main rooms not just the hall) , television, radio switched on to give the impression that the house is occupied this would lessen the chances of an opportunist thief thinking your home was an easy target. *Check your Perimeter Home security is about the whole home not just the bricks and mortar bit so make sure that all boundary fences are secure so as not to allow easy access and ensure any overhanging trees or bushes are trimmed back to prevent an easy hiding place for a lurking burglar. *Hider keys can be a useful way to allow family or friends access to your home while you are absent but they are a home security no-no as they can also allow a burglar access. A hider key is a .mon trick that burglars hope for. If you need to leave a key for someone find a trusted friend or relative or even ask your local trusted newsagent to hold a key and give it only to people who are authorised to have access. *If a burglar is scouting your area or even in the worst case scenario manages to gain access to your home then they will be looking for items such as purses and wallets with a quick cash value and higher value easily transported items such as tablets , mobile phones , laptops etc dont leave these on display to the outside world or in obvious places such as the bottom of the stairs or Kitchen tables. These home security tips work best when used in conjunction with a home security system and due diligence on the part of the homeowner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: