Students from poor families will be free to high school – Finance – People’s network 3u8813

Poor students will free high school university finance — in Jiangsu province since the autumn of 2016 the new semester, the students filing riser family economic difficulties from comprehensive high school tuition and the college tuition. Jiangsu Provincial Department of education student financial assistance management center director Chen Hu told reporters that the family is in accordance with the participatory poverty alleviation department regulations, the establishment of related files and the release of poor families, family card. "According to our province this year, the new standard of poverty alleviation, the per capita income of less than 6000 yuan of the family, can be in the poverty alleviation Department filing riser, exempt from high school tuition and college tuition." According to Chen Hu introduction, the ordinary high school tuition free funds shall be borne by the finance of Jiangsu Province, and according to the law approved by the private high school in the local public high school tuition free standard subsidies, private high school tuition standard is higher than the provincial financial subsidies, according to the provisions of the school continue to charge students tuition higher. College funds required by the University from the student financial allocation, fees income funds to co-ordinate arrangements to solve. The new deal is also exempt from the province’s secondary vocational education art performances all students tuition fees. Since then, Jiangsu province to achieve full coverage of secondary vocational education tuition free. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Qiao Xuefeng, Yang Di)相关的主题文章: