Strong typhoon malakas will come to Xiamen next two days Wen Shenggao ddrtys

Strong typhoon "malakas" will come to Xiamen next two days and the temperature rise [Yin Lei view] day tomorrow, I will increase the temperature, the maximum temperature will rise to 32 DEG C in urban. Washington (reporter correspondent Wang Yin Lei) the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" is the Pacific Northwest pace, it will follow the "Meranti" to Xiamen, one disaster after another? The meteorological department forecast, "malakas" and "miranti" "born" although are very close, the path is almost parallel, but "malakas" will not be landing in Fujian, the more serious influence will not bring rain to the city, the city will be fully acquired into fine weather, conducive to the post disaster reconstruction work. "Meranti" spent nearly 2 hours in the territory of Xiamen, and the strong winds it is as long as five or six hours, heavy rains longer. Yesterday, the "Meranti" behind the clouds around the ring, and there is an obvious showers. This round of rainfall presents "from south to the north" situation, the island and Haicang southern Jimei, southern heavy rain, Tongan, Xiangan with a small to moderate rain. Temperatures have picked up, the highest temperature in the city climbed to 30.1 degrees C. As of 8 pm, "Maleka" the typhoon center has moved to Xiamen East more than and 500 km south of the sea, near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec), 7 wind circle radius of 280 kilometers, 10 wind circle radius of 90 km, up to the strong typhoon level. The meteorological department forecast, "malakas" and "miranti", it will not even the west of Fujian, the Taiwan island is not landing, it will be in the northeastern coast of Taiwan round, draw a huge arc after turning northeast, toward the southern coast of japan. "It is very small so malakas" on Xiamen. Tomorrow, it will be outside the north wind over Xiamen, my city temperature will be slightly increased, the maximum temperature will rise to 32 DEG C in urban. The weather will be significantly improved, mainly cloudy to cloudy weather primarily, the local area also can shed some rain, but rainfall and rainfall will be greatly reduced. After the clouds dispersed, the city will turn to the fine weather, the highest temperature at 31 degrees Celsius in. Note that, at high temperatures, high humidity, and more needs to happen around the garbage, the prevention of the epidemic; in addition, the continuous rainfall resulted in higher soil moisture content, the geological disaster risk level three, geological disasters landslides and other possibility is relatively large, please pay attention to the prevention of the relevant units. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: