South Korean President Park Geun hye cult Korea by the collective resignation of the cabinet

South Korean President Park Geun hye by " " cult; control the collective resignation of the cabinet? South Korea hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client "bestie intervention" lead back to Korea Pu Jinhui to accept the staff collective resignation by Quan Xiaoxing recently, President Park Geun hye "bestie" Cui Shunshi and political intervention in Korea the trigger political crisis in South Korean politics is getting worse. The political career has experienced many ups and downs of the park, can cross this bridge, is now placed in a big challenge in front of her. In October 29th, although the temperature in Seoul has fallen below 10 degrees Celsius, but this is not able to withstand the angry Korean people. The same day, Seoul City erupted nearly million scale gathering requirements of Park Geun hye to step down and find out the truth, so far this year, South Korea’s biggest demonstrations broke out. Although the South Korean presidential office said 30 days, Pu Jinhui has accepted the resignation of staff around, including chief of staff, and the "intervention" scandal protagonist Cui Shunshi has returned from England to South Korea, ready to accept the prosecution investigation at any time, but the organization of this parade of South Korea "the rise of the people always struggle" white South (transliteration) told the "First Financial Daily" a telephone interview with reporters: "Koreans never said in the" no "fear to say" no ". For now the public anger at the Pu Jinhui government has reached the top, not only to the park Geun hye government ousted, in order to create a more livable and fair the society in South korea." He also told reporters that in November 5th and 12, Seoul will be the outbreak of the 100 thousand human parade. "We hope that the park Geun hye government can hear the voices of the people, not to push people into more helpless, more angry position, as soon as possible to ensure that the country through the step of justice, fairness." He urged the road. Survey apologize useless "Korea Daily" joint public opinion survey agency released in 28: the government of the people support the park is only 14%, the lowest value since the Pu Jinhui administration, a month before her support rate is 33%; against the government of the people park is as high as 74%. It is worth noting that, although the park in 25 of the South Korean people publicly apologized, but no apology and help to restore the image of Pu Jinhui, but the support rate from 17% fell 3 percentage points. In this regard, South Korea Korea University political and diplomatic Department of Professor Zheng Hanlv (transliteration) of the "First Financial Daily" reporter analysis: "generally speaking, the president for a storm will lead to a small range of apology supporters’ collection effect ‘, to support the rate of a short rise; but the park’s apology, not only makes the support the rate of recovery will lead to further decline, can prove that the apology did not achieve the desired effect." In Zheng Hanlv’s opinion, many people think Park "a word or two" apology is not sincere apology, but when the reporter will apologize "taped apology, do not accept a reporter’s question" details after being exposed, the anger will be lit. At the same time, more than Chong Wa Dae executives to the president is also a victim of相关的主题文章: