South Korea Ganzheng door events continue to ferment people held a rally in Washington – pressure Pa noreply

South Korea Ganzheng door events continue to ferment people held a rally in pressure – Beijing park in new network on 12 November, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean people will hold the third round of the candlelight vigil in Seoul square on the 12 of this month, asked the President Park Geun hye resigned on the "trusted politics" in charge. Some analysts believe that this meeting will become an important watershed in the current situation, the rally scale and influence or decide "trusted politics door" into the situation. According to reports, the organizers estimated there will be 1 million people at the rally, the police estimated the number of 170 thousand people, probably more than June 2008 urged the South Korean government to stop imports of American beef (estimated 700 thousand scale candlelight rally organizers, 80 thousand police). Data figure: Pu Jinhui reported that South Korea’s three leading opposition parties and their members will participate in a large number of rallies on the 12 day. The Democratic Party leadership and common staff decided to participate in the national assembly, the party had decided to participate in meetings, the Justice Party from the beginning to citizen groups together in a candlelight vigil. In addition, the South Korean opposition camp the next presidential election candidate will also be unveiled a large number of common, former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin, Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun, mayor Li Zaiming, south of the party before the National Coalition Party Shouan Chul soo will participate in the meeting. Analysts believe that the South Korean opposition camp to attend meeting tomorrow, because the government is still reluctant to put down the park, the opposition decided to actively help the civil society demands to step down park operations, in order to make the opposition completely according to park the second line. Data figure on the other hand, the 12 day of the rally, if not achieved the desired results, the opposition party or change the position, and the ruling party on the new prime minister candidate for Congress to start negotiations. Chong Wa Dae is deeply concerned about the rally. Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo on questions related to the candlelight vigil that was heavy public opinion. Chong Wa Dae staff held a meeting the day before the night, the morning also held a meeting of the Chief Secretary to deal with countermeasures. South Korea’s ruling New World Party also pay close attention to the 12 meeting of the relevant circumstances, because the results will be given to the whereabouts of the Pu Jinhui and Pro Park faction leader to resign with significant impact. The New World Party leadership on behalf of a large number of members of the opposition parties to participate in the show dissatisfaction.相关的主题文章: