Sources said YAHOO to determine the hundreds of millions of user accounts will be leaked to announce

YAHOO hundreds of millions of user accounts leaked will be announced Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 22nd evening news today news, foreign media quoted informed sources said, after an investigation confirmed this week, YAHOO will officially announce billions of user account information stolen by hackers. At the beginning of August, YAHOO announced that it is investigating a suspected hacker case, the content is the 200 million user account may have been stolen, and was sold on the black market network. It is reported that a hacker claiming to be Peace at the time the price of 3 bitcoins (about $1860) for the sale of suspected YAHOO account information. Previously, the hacker had sold professional social networking site LinkedIn and social networking MySpace hacking case data. YAHOO said at the time: our security team is investigating the authenticity of the matter." The person familiar with the situation said today that YAHOO will confirm the news later this week, is expected to be affected by a wide range of users. Insiders said the incident will cause adverse effects on the acquisition of YAHOO Verizon Communications transaction. In July this year, Verizon Communications announced a $4 billion 830 million acquisition of YAHOO’s core Internet assets, which is part of the hacker attack this business. For YAHOO, the 200 million user account is leaked it will have to bear a major responsibility for the new owner Verizon Communications will be a headache. In addition, for YAHOO CEO Marisa (Marissa Mayer), the hacking incident is also a blemish in his career. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: