Snowden a crime or a patriot Oliver Stone’s new

Snowden: a crime or a patriot? Oliver · Stone’s new film release directed by · directed by "the coming of the new year" in the North American Theaters on, the next Friday in the United States, where the film is directed by. According to the British "Guardian" reporter Luke – the report of the literature of the "adaptation of the document", "Snowden" by the press. "Snowden" movie tells the story of how he joined CIA, how to become CIA intelligence analysts, the final decision will be how to process CIA confidential reveal to the public. From the Snowden movie, we know that Snowden was originally prepared to join the CIA special action team, but due to a training injury, only to sit inside the CIA in front of the computer intelligence analyst. According to the "Snowden" movie poster shows, Hollywood actor · Joseph; – played by the role of the role of the role of the United States, as well as playing the role of Edward – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. Oliver · Stone had taken a lot of political biographies and documentaries, including Kennedy, Nixon, in 911, also filmed biopic of George W. Bush and explore the documentary 911 cause, but the response is not. In Snowden CIA and a lot of exposure of confidential documents, the U.S. government, let the world know how fragile their privacy Oliver · Stone to shoot a Snowden movie interested, he thought Snowden defected to Hongkong from hiding to reporters released U.S. government monitoring program to monitor confidential from fly to Moscow, called the the first century legend. Oliver ·, director of the film, said that the film is also a great challenge to himself.相关的主题文章: