Snow Boots A Hit Of 2010 Christmas-lightscape

Fashion-Style If you take a look at various street snapshots, you will find that snow boots are now super hot among Hollywood stars and fashion icons. Although they look clumsy, they add cuteness to a whole outfit. No matter what body figure you have, you can always find a pair of snow boots that are suitable for you. .e and see how Nicole Richie has made full use of snow boots in her dressing code. Nicole Richies favorite match is long T-shirt and snow boots. With a height of only 158cm, she is not tall at all in the western world. That is why she needs to make herself look slimmer and taller. Long T-shirt is a perfect tool, with which she looks slim and fashionable. But if she continues to choose pencil pants and high-heel shoes, she will look like a skeleton totally. The cute snow boots on her feet best illustrate what her own special type is. Round and cute snow boots can go with bare legs, stockings and pencil pants. Their huge body will make the legs look longer and slimmer. Black color of the boots can go with clothes of any color. A black leather bag makes her look mature with strong femininity. Nicole is also a big fan of baggy clothes. To avoid looking too skinny, she chose a long pink baggy cardigan to go with her white shirt. A red and white long scarf is casually wrapped around her neck, which makes her taller visually. The black stocking can perfectly show her slim legs, and it is also a good match for snow boots. The pair of black snow boots draws everyones attention on her feet. Their clumsy bodies are like big supporting posts for Nicoles body, which help her walk more vigorously and dynamically. Black hat, large sunglasses, leopard print coat, black leather bag and black snow boots can all make you look handsome. In winter, you can learn from Nicole and try to be a handsome woman. She smartly chose a loose coat to go with her huge snow boots, and tight stockings to show her slim legs. The whole outfit is a .bination of bagginess and slimness, which can add points to any woman. Snow boots are really perfect objects that every woman should possess. If you have not yet tried snow boots, buy yourself a pair at 2010 Christmas . You can also send a pair of snow boots to your friend as Christmas gifts. At this 2010 Christmas, lets join the heat of snow boots in fashion kingdom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: