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"Smiled very little" Youku advertising debut in New York Times Square – Sohu Entertainment (original title: "smiled very little" Youku advertising debut in New York Times Square in August 29th global couples have turned to Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang), "little couple" as the picture Youku whole network independent radio drama "smiled very little", landing at the Times Square in New York city. Known as the "crossroads of the world" said the New York times square big screen "inch second gold", has always been the international brand to show the brand image of "spot" exposure channels. The Youku articles "smiled very little" captured New York Times Square, the city is an evolution potential world, for slightly posters on a little thick and heavy in colours of the fire burning all over the net is dumping the world trend "smiled very little" on Youku whole network independent broadcast since view play heat continued to rise, the successful leader in 2016 summer. It is understood that the show began broadcasting 16 hours playback volume exceeded 300 million, 40 hours playback volume exceeded 600 million, the line for 6 days, has exceeded 3 billion. With a high popularity, Taobao will be in August 29th after the page all day long "smiled very little" contract, "as in the world to create comprehensive" spread momentum. The high value of high IQ people, Yan starred in faithful to the original classic lines, sugar romantic plot, down to earth and campus life, "has already smiled very Qingcheng" become the topic center. According to Baidu index, as early as in a week before the launch of peak search is growing rapidly, as on the previous day, the highest peak has exceeded 110 thousand, achieved not broadcast before the fire. And in August 22nd after the launch, "smiled very little" Baidu index is growing rapidly at the rate of about one million per day, the highest peak breakthrough about one million and nine hundred thousand. Public opinion is Sina micro-blog fans across the list, read the topic total has already exceeded 14 billion 300 million, the main topic of interactive general discussion volume exceeded 40 million, micro-blog is the topic list # smiled very cool # strong occupation! In addition, Baidu Search Ranking consecutive TV drama, idol, romance three list, Baidu search list in two, romantic idol also were ranked first, and far more than two times as much as Zhu xian. In times when the screen has the "little couple" in reality and in the game of double love burning from the original powder to powder dimension becomes the love game, fans about the topic. Now, to update the play set to 14, and also slightly Bei Xiao Nai has broken wall dimension in reality encounter, the couple turned fish, wall screen lets the fans call "and a" golden dog ", and that this is what the youth. In addition to online games, Party CP party, Yan value of dogs, two love powder and original fan onlookers, many students when it is firmly locked on Youku 12 point night update, hot chase drama, can not stop the barrage of abuse, it is attracted many sisters have a message: "your friend rejected you video chat, and knock on your door." "This eye hook", "more and more", "see Yang Yang lifelong mistake, not see the life of miss Yang Yang!" Classic quotations. With a smile "is" in New York city.相关的主题文章: