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Weight-Loss The thought of losing or maintaining weight conjures various kinds of images in our minds. Bland food, tasteless juices, small portions, rigorous exercises… For most people, their diet or weight-loss regime fails even before they begin. But what we often dont know is the fact that there are food products that can save you from bland and tasteless food while helping you maintain weight and providing you nutrition. There are misconceptions about certain food products leading us to believe that they arent diet-friendly. Whether or not youre on a diet, read on to find out which food items can be your friend while on a diet: Eggs: A lot of people still think that eggs are high in cholesterol and will not help their diet. But according to latest research, including whole eggs in a daily diet can have beneficial effects. Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fat and can make you feel full with a very small amount of calories. Almost all the nutrients you need when on a diet can be found in the yolk, making it one of the most diet-friendly food products. Green, leafy vegetables: The best part about eating leafy greens is that you can increase your portions without increasing calories. Green vegetables are also low on calories and high in fibre, while being rich in minerals and antioxidants, making them very good for a healthy metabolism. Lean Meat: Fat-free meat like lean beef and chicken breast is high in protein and we all know, eating a high-protein diet can help you burn more calories. Meat has been blamed for various diseases for years but there have been no strong evidence that meat causes heart problems or other health problems. For people on a low-carb diet, fatty meat can also be consumed. Boiled Potatoes: Potatoes have been held responsible for weight gain for ages. But by making boiled potatoes a part of a balanced diet, you can be adding a lot of vital nutrients to your daily consumption. Boiled potatoes are very filling and also high in potassium and help keep blood pressure under control. Whats more, boiled potatoes can also be used to make a of easy Singapore recipes that taste great and help your diet. Nuts: They are high in fats, but not dangerously fattening. Nuts also can be great snacks since they contain proteins, fibre, and healthy fat. Nuts promote a good metabolism and can keep you leaner if you eat them in moderation as part of a diet. Do not binge, as they are still high in calories. Fruits: Whether you make a salad or juice or eat them whole, most nutritionists agree that fruits are among the healthiest food options for anybody. Though they contain sugar they also have fibre that helps burn the sugar slowly. And of course, they are delicious. There are many food items that can aid weight-loss. All you have to do is a little bit of research and follow some healthy lifestyle tips to ensure a balanced diet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: