Shenzhen, the official implementation of the new regulations do not have to enter the upper limit (v

Shenzhen formally implemented no indicators limit Shenzhen home of the new deal for managing the implementation of personnel settled no limit Shenzhen Xinhua News Agency on 1 September, settled in the new home talent (reporter Bai Yu) Shenzhen September 1st formally implemented into new regulations, a substantial relaxation of talent settled policy. Talent settled by the integration of the system to the approval system, there is no index cap, meet the conditions of the talent can be directly applied to settle down. By the Shenzhen municipal government issued the "Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on a number of opinions" to further strengthen and improve the management and service of population "Shenzhen household moved several provisions" two documents, on September 1st formally implemented. The new regulations will move into residence Shenzhen is divided into the introduction of talents, relocation households moved to households, tax policy and social security housing relocation households moved to households in four categories, the first two categories by the integral system to the original approval system implementation, which is clearly to the settled conditions, you can directly apply to settle down, and do not set a limit on the number of indicators; two according to the examination and approval system, open up new channels of home integration system. It is understood that since September 1st and abolished at the same time the "Shenzhen city household moved several provisions (Trial)" compared to the new regulations of Shenzhen household relocation households by three to four categories, add "residential households move to the category of social security" and "technical skills" to strengthen their families "direct people to introduce their families." among them, the home conditions, pure education talents by undergraduate college to relax, home conditions and technical talents to relax the conditions of the home school + intermediate title, skilled personnel urgently needed to relax the types of senior workers. According to the new deal, for the introduction of talent can be moved, Shenzhen approved 6 types of personnel including: high level talents in Shenzhen city and in accordance with the corresponding conditions that age; under the age of 45 students or visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows; a general undergraduate higher education, and has a higher education diploma under 45 years of age or personnel, and at the age of 35 years of personnel; with professional and technical qualifications and in accordance with the relevant provisions of Shenzhen city with age; the shortage of jobs (occupation) directory of technician personnel vocational qualification and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the staff under 45 years of age; and in the world skills competition and the one or two national class occupation skills competition in the award-winning staff. According to the data of the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, according to the "13th Five-Year" plan, by 2020, the resident population of Shenzhen city development goals will reach 14 million 800 thousand, while the Shenzhen household population of only about 3000000, the population structure of serious upside down. In order to attract talented people, Shenzhen recently on the introduction of talents even a combined policy objective is a special channel home production personnel, the stock of the population, to promote the steady growth of household population quality. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: