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Shenwan Hong: buy BOSCH, buy BOSCH, the market value of the company for the whole industry segments (minimum finished issuing about 5 billion), the PPP watershed and soil remediation order tide is coming, the company currently by the industrial wastewater treatment technology to actively seize the advantages of advanced watershed management and water treatment projects, soil remediation market of billions of market and the environmental assessment with the company ahead of the layout, we believe that the company is a comprehensive PPP project is scarce to undertake the trademark, and the company’s future performance extremely have the explosive, reiterate "buy" rating. Buy Haili biological raised 16-18 company net profit of 1.25 yuan (2.60 385 million 1.25 2.3 330 million yuan original forecast, repair reason: H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine on-line sales), earnings per share were 0.19 0.40 0.60 yuan, 16-18 PE were 1065034 times, in addition, animal health and biological medicine industry in the period of integration in the future, the company extension merger is also expected to fall, raised to buy rating. Proposal to increase the amount of gold on the micro scale, the size of the user to restore the enthusiasm of the column and feed costs to feed feed enterprises gradually out of the trough. In addition, feed companies are actively into pig farming to expand profits, the company is expected in Southern China pig production is expected to exceed the speed of MampA, at the same time, will also have the extension or acquisition of a minority stake in matters of animal vaccine, pigs and other fields, in the long term through the integration of resources to create healthy and safe pork production enterprises. 16-18 is expected to net profit of 2 yuan in to $385 million per share, earnings per share of 0.53 yuan, 16-17 PE 21X of 31 years, to maintain overweight rating, given the valuation of 25X next year, the target price of $19.8 0.79. Hongbaoli recommended Holdings Company in epoxy propane polyether, amine – insulation board and derivatives industry chain transformation and breakthrough of cathode materials for lithium new energy industry, the steady growth of polyether to provide a safety margin of traditional business to expand the raw PO rigid foam, secure its cost advantages, the construction of polyurethane insulation board and building energy-saving benefit sponge city gradually peatlands monoisopropanolamine, global leading new areas of demand volume and replacement demand for space, the Future Ltd will firmly continue to transition to the new energy development direction, is expected next year will also be the project of cathode materials for lithium contribution to net profit, guarantee the performance of the company continued to release the coordinated development of five business. This year, the company expects to receive a one-time business income compensation and table, so the company’s earnings forecast to maintain overweight rating. 2016-18 is expected to EPS 0.26, 0.28, $0.37, the current stock price corresponds to 16-18 PE for 33X, 31X, 23X.相关的主题文章: