Shanghai 9 batches of substandard mat plasticizer is not suitable for children to use crawling

Shanghai 9 batches of substandard mat plasticizer is not suitable for children to crawl using London reporter Cheng Qi reported on September 29th: yoga, a movement originating in India. In daily life, the use of yoga mat is not limited to the practice of yoga, many people will also be used as a field camping mat, children play pad use. However, at present, there is no corresponding product standard in the domestic market, and the products in the market are based on their own enterprise standards. Businesses are trying to promote products for non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly products, in the face of many brands of yoga mats on the market, consumers still have to choose carefully. Today morning, Oriental Network reporter from the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the third quarter press conference was informed that the quality safety assessment of yoga mat products, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in Shanghai recently (including Internet sales) yoga mat products to carry out quality and safety risk monitoring. The risk monitoring of a total of 30 batches of samples were collected from the city entity sales and online shop. Found in the risk monitoring of four items: the total of 30 batches of lead content, yoga mat products all meet the requirements of total cadmium content of 9 batches of products; yoga mat phthalate two formic acid ester content does not meet the requirements; 30 batches of yoga mat products are volatile organic compounds. The monitoring of CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3:2012 (test method using non metallic lead content in children’s products on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission testing laboratory) "children’s non metal products in the total lead content determination of standard operating procedures," EN 1122: 2001 "plastic – CD content – Determination of wet decomposition method," GB T 22048-2008 "toy and children’s products in PVC two phthalic acid ester plasticizer and the determination of" ISO 12219-2:2012 "(E) Standard Test Method for volatile organic compounds – automotive interiors and material bag law" method, the total lead on yoga mat content, total cadmium content, phthalate ester content of two formic acid and total volatile organic four compound project risk monitoring. Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has the risk monitoring results inform production enterprises, distribution enterprises and the local quality supervision departments, and urge enterprises to standardize production, enhance product quality control, process improvement, reduce or eliminate the risk of product quality and safety. At the same time, the product quality and safety risk information of yoga mat. Here, the Quality Supervision Bureau to remind consumers should pay attention to in the selection and use of Yoga Mat: 1 yoga mat products not sure to guarantee the achievement of children’s products for standard content of potassium phthalate ester two requirements, not suitable for use as a child crawling pad. 2 to buy yoga mat, first with the nose to smell the top of the mat whether there is a pungent taste, there is a strong pungent taste of the product should not be purchased. 3 newly purchased yoga mat products, before use should be placed in a few days before the opening of the ventilation, to accelerate the volatile organic compounds, to help smell the place. 4 choose yoga mat products, should pay attention to tag and label product identification, product identification code shows the professional level of product brand or manufacturer. Once the skin allergies, smell a long time.相关的主题文章: