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Movies-TV Its continuation was the series "Hannah Montana" as a flicks. About scenarios paintings Miley said: "We were supposititious to be in Malibu, I go to school, subsist the Hollywood life and all the like. But because of this tough nut to crack starts, so we returned home ground to Nashville." Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Lucas Dig and Taylor Swift talked in the air several secrets of this lurid picture. The secret before: Taylor Swift firstly tried herself as an actress. The troubadour has already starred in the TV series "CSI" but in the fog "Hannah Montana" was her foremost real role. She said: "It is properly to participate in the film "Hannah Montana", signally due to the fact that do not possess to do anything special, but good be yourself. But it’s so cool because I got my in the beginning experience with such a immense picture. Excellent have knowledge of themselves in a similar. It is not surprising that Miley chose Taylor for the position: "I knew her for a desire time and a novelty that Miley’s not a haphazard life in the adult the world at large of Hollywood. She was still a lad. The secret of Two: Wigs On the set of all-was not as smooth as it power seem. Miley says:I participate in five wigs for Hanna. With his large hair, one with crave hair, one with ordinary length, short wig and a wig with jet hair. Sometimes I pirouette upside down, and he flew. We are glued to the wig font . Yeah. Then he erased the. wigs made of expected hair that someone cut off its avert. They are real. There are in factually different wigs. The Secret of Three: Cold water! Lucas Till says that the most troublesome scene for the game was a spot with a dip in the pond. He said: "reminds me a hop into the bag with ice, and I had to tomfoolery as if happy to be in the water. In factors, it was not very fun. It was cold, supposing filmed in the summer. This encounter was not fun." The secret of the fourth: Miley scared of his colleague Lucas Plow feared for his life, when she goes for a patrol with Miley during a interfere."We went to her home. There she has a mansion, and Miley was traveling by car, not letting anyone get behind the wheel. It about ended tragically. So it was a lot of period! And we almost died. I keep in mind once me .e founder and I saw lots and lots of upon from the headlights. He wondered what had happened. Her car skidded altogether much, because Miley was driving too dissolutely and tried to slow down and prevent. It is insane." Lucas says that the actress-songbird did not need rescuing, but there were dissimilar serious threats: "One day she called me and asked for inform appropriate – to give her advice on how to get out of a crafty situation. Obviously, it vlipla there, but to reserve it is not necessary was. Miley herself all agreed." The Secret of Five: The film would shoot in Louisiana It would sound obvious if the "Hannah Montana" were filmed in Tennessee, but in items it is not. Billy Ray Cyrus says:"When I pore over the initial script for him, I had to ingest Miley’s in Tennessee, but for some plead with shooting took niche in Louisiana. I did not like. I called very many people and said: ‘Delay, I think Tennessee is morals for film, where the verify back in Tennessee. "And so it did not give over. After I go through each what for, written in the script for the flick, which is located 5km from my residence. They were asked to make for a pick up some photos of the municipality. Photo Cafe Leiper Fork and the bus station Thompson were the first off ones they showed. And then the filmmakers adamant to go there yourself to see the entirety with my own eyes. And I said: succeed in Tennessee, and Tennessee thinks fitting sell itself. Secrets of Six: At intervals the actors were together Nor are they ever worked. During breaks Miley showed all his aboriginal city. Lucas says: "Center of Franklin – a thimbleful. You’ll see everything exactly the but as it was decades ago. It’s great." Emily Osment, too, liked the effectuate, which .bines with the interlude. She said: "I was sitting by the natatorium and read a book by Robert Cormier. It was fun to interpret something. And read the list" Twilight."I skim a lot and I love it, so to make all its publications to the paddling pool, and we are Miley and Jackson be familiar with. It was fun to sit by the pool, relax and oblige a good time, and in the morning to go to enkindle for several hours." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: