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News-and-Society Would you like to go out tonight and get a kiss from a sexy woman? Of course you would! I have a formula here that is guaranteed to work. I call it the "Close Enough Kiss". Read it through, then go out and try it. If it doesn’t work I will give you your money back. Wait a minute, this is a freebie. Nevermind! It works so just try it. It can be difficult to know the right time to kiss a woman. Once you learn how to approach and talk to a woman this can be the next big problem. There is no pressure or stress in the technique I am about to give you because essentially you make her do the hard work. This can work on a regular date but it is designed to work best in a club or any other place alcohol is flowing. If you watch carefully you will see signs that you should move it to this phase. Give it a half hour of talking to a woman before you try this or you may end up looking silly. You have learned a little bit about her, you may have performed a magic trick, she has learned a little about you. This effect is designed to be used with you and her one on one. When you are at a table full of her buddies this won’t work well. When she is in the middle of talking let your eyes sorta fog over and then in the middle of something interrupt her. "I am sorry but I haven’t been listening to you, all I can think about is kissing you, but I know we aren’t ready for that so I have an idea, let’s do a "close enough kiss". She will ask you what you are talking about and so you explain. "It’s where we get really close, but don’t kiss, but if we do it you gotta swear you won’t kiss me." When you try it get as close as possible, so you can feel her breath and wait 3 seconds. Then playing around push her back and say "ok that’s it". Actually though it’s not over, after about 15 minutes more conversation tell her you are ready for another "close enough kiss". About 80% of the time when you go into this the woman will break it and lay one on you. The excitement too much and she will kiss you. Of course when she does… kiss her back! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: