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Science house, monster house, railway house, Tokyo is for you! Sohu – tourism in Tokyo, want to experience the authentic otaku life, the most important is to find out their hiding place. The ugly in appearance of bars and shops and Cara OK, in fact, hidden power and name, it will open another window of the world for you, let you easily encounter all kinds of "weirdo", realize the city’s diverse and wonderful. 4 the following is the Tokyo stronghold of secret house people. The railway house of heaven: if you are Kiha Izakaya train fans, or want to know the history of Japanese railway, may wish to train home gathered Kiha izakaya. The two floor is decorated in a train like from the luggage rack, the handrail to the circuit diagram, the tiniest details are really vivid. Different from ordinary bar, KIHA supply including salted fish, bacon and corn, canned food — before lunch boxes are popular, these people often eat the food on the train. If you think it is not realistic, but also to provide uniforms to take pictures of the owners. Photo from official Facebook address: Tokyo Minjiang Bridge left Japan 1-6-11, Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 18:00-23:30 Sunday and holidays. The Temple House: Monster: Monster salon coffee must worship in this Temple House monster, monster and Godzilla is far more than the number of guests come to visit, many horror films and erotic film director (such as Nakano Takashio) will be here for inspiration. Monster coffee house monster is unique "orphan works", because they are handmade by the owner of Pico-Pico. Photo from official twitter address: Tokyo District in new wells wild wild 1-4-16 5 chome Lions Mansion1 layer Business Hours: Tuesday to Friday 15:00-23:00 Saturday and Sunday, 13:00-23:00, Monday rest home address: offbeat Laboratory Science: Incubator bar experiment class in science, there is no thought to taste in the tube bubbling away the liquid is what taste? If so, the Incubator bar is where you’re supposed to be. The bartender was dressed in white, red wine into the tube, food baking in alcohol lamp. You swallow a conical flask in the unknown liquid, tweezers to eat dried figs — only in Japan, in order to enjoy such an interesting experiment course. Photo from official Facebook address: Tokyo Shinjuku Araki Cho 7 N3 new 1 storey building JA? Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 18:00- Sunday at 2:00 the next day, rest house: a perennial stronghold game alley bar 16SHOTS 16SHOTS bar is located in Shinjuku ugly in appearance, it is相关的主题文章: