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Travel-and-Leisure San Jose is one of the best cities in California. They have a lot of museum to offer you. See some of them here. San Jose is known to be the third largest city in California. This is a county seat of Santa Clara. San Jose has a lot to offer to their tourists. They have great beaches, parks and even hotels. They have numerous museums that all showcase the deep and historic culture unique to their place. These museums are also of magnificent structures. Here are some great museums to visit in San Jose: The San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) SJMA is dedicated to visual culture. This is a leading institution located in the Silicon Valley. This museum has displays of artistic excellence. They also have acclaimed exhibition modern masterworks and the newest art frontiers. This is one museum with free admission. Anyone can visit the place everyday. The place is a source of inspiration, contemplation, and delight. San Jose Museum of Quilt & Textile This museum was made by the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association in 1977. This was proclaimed as a nonprofit museum by 1986. This museum was made to promote the use quilts and textiles in art, craft and also know its history. This is a venue for all works that uses quilts and textiles. They show how quilt and textile can be so beautiful when applied with artistic expression. Tech Museum of Innovation This museum is persuading people to experience and be fascinated at the wonders of technology. They promote and support technological innovations of ordinary people. It houses not just exhibits but also showcases the connection between man and technologies. They show that man and technology can not exist without the other. Aside from innovation, their galleries also showcase the human body, the exploration and the internet. They feature the latest technology of Hackworth, the Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater. This is a domed IMAX screen available in North Carolina. The museum also has educational centers for items found only in Silicon Valley. You can arrange for field trips with the management. The programs of Tech are Tech Challenge and the Tech Museum Awards. The Tech Challenge is a student designed .petition made annually. The Tech Museum Awards gives honor to all the people who use technology for human benefit. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose This is one museum that caters to children, families and school needs. They offer interactive exhibits and also unique and educational programs for children. They hold a personal mission of bringing new knowledge to the kids who visits the place. This is one museum that lets children see their role in the .munity locally or globally. The kids who visit the museum are encouraged to unleash their creativity and individuality. These museums are best for all kind of educational tours. They offer not just the history of the place but also the nice work of art of famous artists. If you visit one of these museums, you can surely see a lot of things that you can not see some place else. These museums are just a few of the things that you can visit in San Jose. When you want fun under the sun, you can visit the beaches present in the area. The place also has affordable hotels for your ac.modation. Aside from these museums that you can visit, you can also visit the different national parks present in the place. They can offer you nice adventure for your vacation. You can enjoy the nature in San Jose. They offer other area attractions for you to enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: