Safety culture heritage of the Xiangyang Valley Temple was built on the age of the hidden-viper12a

"Safety culture" heritage of the Xiangyang Valley hidden temple was built Xiangyang Dynasty Dao an statue (source: picture) Xiangyang Valley hidden temple in Xiangyang Buddhist temple, built in the era not said, in recent years, on the basis of local chronicles, emphasize its relationship with the built Chuan Dao an, Jinning Kang. This is worth discussing. According to the "hidden valley temple in Xiangyang – Dao an development," according to Qian Long: "Xiangyang Prefecture" records: "hidden valley temple city (Xiang Yangcheng) southeast of Jinning in the valley of Yinshan, Kang Jian, and surrounded by bamboo trees are, the temple also quiet, hidden in the history of qi." Jinning Kang who built the valley hidden temple? With this question, we checked the Ming Dynasty Tianshun version of "Xiangyang Prefecture", "Jinning Valley Temple monk Daoan create kangxi". So, we have visited the valley hidden temple as one of the most important activities for Dao an masters in Xiangyang. Because, from our current knowledge, the valley hidden temple is built by master Dao an temple in Xiangyang existing site relatively well. According to this, the hidden valley temple and Dao an link, the first source is tomorrow Shun "Xiangyang’s history", Fang Zhiyi of the Qing dynasty. The Eastern Jin Dynasty that Naoningkang between (373-375) Daoan create hidden valley temple. It seems that the first argument is in the Ming Dynasty, whether this statement is reliable? That is the relationship between the early hidden valley temple, and for its Daoan, and stressed by Daoan create, also called Ning Kang built between, the two are mutually proved, the reciprocal causation. The "monks" volume five "biography" contained "an road to the White Horse Temple is more narrow, Li temple called Zhang Zhai Yin Qinghe Tan Chi is also." In the fifteen years in Xiangyang, the early historical, only mentioned two temples, the first white horse and then with no Tanxi, hidden valley related records, even the names are not mentioned in the hidden valley. Not only the "monks" in the Tang Dynasty, the historical data, there are no hidden valley temple. According to the "hidden valley temple" in Xian: let me surprise, the Tang Dynasty Xiangyang famous landscape poet Meng Haoran lived across the valley hidden Temple Guanyin pavilion area, wrote 13 poems about Xi Jiachi poetry, wrote 26 poems and Xiangyang Buddhist and Taoist Association poems, describing the Longquan temple, long Xing Temple Fenglin, King temple, empty temple, Lumensi, Xian temple, Jing Si view, Xianshan concept, but there is no mention of the valley temple. Why this phenomenon occurs, the answer is simple, because in the era of Meng Haoran (689-740), hidden valley temple has not yet appeared, of course, he could not mention. According to the "quotations" volume one: Pang Upasaka lay hidden valley road to visit. The implicit asked: "who?" People put up shizhangzi. Implicit said: "Mo is on the computer?" Who left shizhangzi. Implicit language. Scholar said: "only know on the computer, do not feel the matter." Implicit said: "what is the last thing?" Shi Nianqi shizhangzi. Hidden said: "not hastily." The scholar said, "poor is the master." Said: "there is a hidden machine, do not twist the hammer vertical brush, do not have to answer. If it is to lay,?" Scholar said: "where is it?" Always hidden, Senai said: "not this?" Mo surface saliva. Implicit language. People with a Songyue: "flame under the water without the fish hook at the end, looking for fish nowhere to smile sorrow. Poor Valley Yinzi Zen Bo, see also ashamed to be spit now." This is the first to see the hidden valley between classics, Pang Yun Upasaka (? -80.相关的主题文章: