Rocket Sir 31+10 Haddon escapement milepost cut the history of seventh Squadron (video)-restorator

Rocket Sir 31+10 Haddon escapement milepost cut history seventh unit [collection] Sir 102-111 31 + 10 rocket harden scored 0 turnovers a milepost November 20th news sports Tencent Houston home court 111-102 to captured sir, harden the game scored 31 points and 10 assists, this is his season to get sixth 30+10 personal data. At the same time after the game, harden has scored 8840 points for the Rockets, beyond legend Robert – Reed 8823 points, ranking seventh in team history. Harden a new milepost Click to view the field of technical statistics data of rockets Jazz data Harden 31 points and 10 assists in 4 Lies three 21 points and 5 rebounds in 2 Capet three points and 8 rebounds and 5 assists 20 hood 25 rebounds and 3 assists 4 small Gordon 20 Goebel 12 points 7 rebounds and 6 assists, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks in this field star: Harden and brave play every Rockets game, the game star Harden is probably the victim. Today’s war is no exception, the first game he cut 15 points. Although the game after feeling slightly, but through harden efforts, the success of the attack or brush to two digits. With three points at the last minute, the success of the harden personal data frames at 31 points and 10 assists. The trend of the game: the Rockets easy harvest Jazz missing three generals, Hill, Dior and Phevos are unavailable. After the opening of the rocket situation dominated, harden topped cast hit the lead to 10-6. Sir Lies hood immediately counterattack, and continuously hit three points, the two sides battle into 16 levels. But harden first I feel very good, under his leadership team gradually opened the score. The first section of the bottom line with 56.5 seconds left, Breuer assists Haddon hit three points, this is his single game person to get 15 points. However, the next two free throws actually all lost, very rare. With a small Gordon last minute layup at the buzzer, the Rockets lead to 28-22. Nene Festival is very active, and Gordon also timely outwire hits three points. Before the end of the first half of 8 minutes and 20 seconds, Nene also at the top of the arc Biao long-range, 41-29. On the bench of war, the Rockets will get the upper hand, until harden back, naturally a tiger with wings added. A jumper, the Rockets leading rate has reached 16 points. Sir Lies rally, after the attack succeeded Ingalls positive hit three points, but Capet harden and then complete the pull. Before the end of the half Hu Dezao foul two full, the Rockets to 55-44 to ensure that the advantage of 11 points. Sir unwilling so passive, Lies and AIKE Sam hit three points, the score closer to 57-62. However, here after all rocket harden Yazhen, cornerstone successfully lured AIKE Sam 3 prisoners, followed by a surprise hit a layup, helped the Rockets re established two digit advantage. Lies made two free throws, harden Anderson sent assists, which hit three points, then Ariza also found the touch line. The score was opened again, the cornerstone cast hit, the Rockets once again set up 15 points ahead. Hayward and Ingalls scored 4 points, the Rockets took a 81-70 lead into the distal. There is no doubt that the end is the last chance Jazz comeback, Ingalls three.相关的主题文章: