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Workplace-.munication The following true story is about a resilient person described in the excellent book on resilience, The Survivor Personality by Al Siebert, pages 2-3. This is a true story of someone turning a devastating blow into good fortune. In 1926 a 25 year old illustrator and one of his older brothers started a cartoon animation studio. Their studio received a big, one year, renewable contract from a New York film distributor, Charles Mintz, to produce a cartoon series named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mintz, who owned the rights to the character, sent his brother-in-law, George Winkler, to California to watch production activities. Winkler spent many weeks at the studio getting to know the animators and learning production procedures. Deception As the highly successful first year drew to a close, the illustrator took his wife with him on a train to New York where he expected to renegotiate a longer, more profitable contract with Mintz. In New York, the meeting with Mintz did not go as expected. Mintz surprised him. Mintz said that he and his brother would have to work for a lower fee if they wanted to renew the contract. He was shocked. He knew he could not produce the cartoons with less money. As they argued, he discovered what Mintz was up to. Winkler had persuaded Mintz to take over production of the Oswald cartoons. During his visits to the California studios, Winkler had secretly arranged to hire away several of their best animators. Mintz and Winkler believed they could cut costs and increase their profits by producing the series themselves. Their strategy in the negotiations was to get him to give up his right to renew the Oswald contract. They succeeded. He felt shocked, angry, and hurt as he and his wife, Lillian, left New York for the long train ride home. He had trusted Mintz and Winkler and his employees. Now, without warning, the highly successful cartoon series was taken away from him. He would no longer be the producer of the series he worked long and hard to develop. His studio had lost its only big account. Resilience in Action During the train ride back to Hollywood, he reflected on his situation. How could he bounce back? What if he created his own cartoon character instead of waiting to be hired to work on other peoples ideas? What about a Mouse named Mickey as a cartoon character? He began making sketches for a new cartoon series. Back at the studio he and his brother decided to take advantage of a new technology that added sound to motion pictures. He charged into his new project with enthusiasm. Success The rest, of course, is history. In 1928, in New York City, the Disney studios held the premier showing of an animated cartoon starring Mickey Mouse. The new cartoon was an immediate success. Oswald the Rabbit soon disappeared from theaters and Mickey Mouse went on to be.e one of the greatest cartoon personalities of all time. Walt Disney converted Mintz and Winklers u.hical conduct and treachery into one of the best things that ever happened to him. What do you think made Walt Disney so resilient? We dont know for sure. I would guess that he really knew what he wanted so that nothing could stop him for long. I discuss how to increase resilience in my book chapter, Emotional Intelligence for Resilience, in the Amazon best-seller, Upping the Down Side, and in my virtual workshops. Copyright © 2009, by William R. Murray, President of Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC. Reprint rights granted to all venues so long as this article and by-line are printed intact with all links made live. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: