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Ready for the Sino Russian space war? U.S. military access to space surveillance telescope data: U.S. space surveillance telescope original title: ready to Sino Russian space war? The receiving space surveillance telescope Reference News Network October 24 news media said, by far the most advanced space surveillance telescope to start tracking thousands of celestial bodies, the youngest only softball so big. A U.S. Air Force general said it would bring benefits to space surveillance and scientific research as well as U.S. military capabilities. According to the U.S. News website reported on 22 October, the U.S. Air Force Major General Nina · at the handover; Alma Mourinho said: "we don’t often have the chance to witness a new military capability to open, but this is exactly what we do here today." In October 18th, the U.S. state of New Mexico, where the telescope at White Sands Missile Range beall Scylla peak, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) developed by the telescope was handed over to the United States Air force. The space telescope from a DARPA led development project into a system operated by the U.S. air force, which means that the telescope into the operational phase. The US Air Force will move it to Harold · in Western Australia; the Naval Communications Station of the Royal Navy, in conjunction with the Royal Australian Air Force (), operates and maintains the telescope. The telescope will also act as a special detector for the U.S. space surveillance network operated by the U.S. Air Force Space command. According to DARPA, the project is a major breakthrough in telescope design, photography and image analysis software, can be much faster than ever before to see or find and trace the small celestial bodies that can be difficult to find. DARPA said, the telescope can in a few seconds compared to the United States, but also a large area to complete the search, one night can scan the field range of the geostationary orbit with the equivalent of 1/4 of the area of the sky. Mourinho said: "from a military perspective, any celestial bodies could pose a threat to our satellite. Therefore, this capability is very important for our air force space command." The admiral said, to be ready for combat in space so as to reduce the possibility of the outbreak of war in space: "we must be able to attack for the behavior of Chinese satellite found it, ready to take decisive action to defend our interests and to hold the perpetrators responsible for. We must be able to identify the perpetrators of such actions, and then react in a tactical appropriate time." Alma Nihal, the telescope will provide such information to the United States and its allies. She called it "a better understanding of the space field to discover and predict the behavior of other countries.". This perception, in turn, will also help us to deter other countries from taking hasty action, so that we can be ready to respond when necessary". According to Itar TASS reported on 22 October 22, The Pentagon press office news release said, the United States Air force generals before the Alma Neo asserted that by 2025, Russia and China will have the ability to pose a threat to all American space satellites. Alma Mourinho said: "now, we should probably burst"相关的主题文章: