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Automobiles To keep your car running smoothly year-round and to protect your engine from overheating, resulting in a radiator repair, its important to schedule a radiator service with a qualified auto mechanic on a regular basis. This means that you should have your radiator flushed and refilled with fresh antifreeze/coolant according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This service will maintain and enhance the protection levels for the entire cooling system. As you know, the engine of your vehicle consists of many moving parts. As these parts move, they create friction, which creates heat. Its the radiators job to keep the engine cooled and running properly to prevent overheating and other serious problems. Water and antifreeze is pumped through the engines chambers to absorb the excess heat. Over time, antifreeze/coolant wears out and loses its ability to protect the radiator from corrosion. This could result in a costly radiator repair. With the appropriate maintenance, you can prevent corrosion build-up so that your radiator keeps protecting the engine from overheating. Keeping your vehicle cool under the hood may only mean a quick radiator service, or it could involve a more complex radiator repair. A trained technician can perform a detailed inspection of your vehicles cooling systems to determine what type of radiator service or repair work is needed. A complete radiator service should include the following: * inspect system and pressure test for leaks * add flush chemicals to the radiator * power flush system through flush machine * refill system with proper amount of anti-freeze/coolant * add sealant/lubricant to the system Need a radiator repair job? Ask the auto mechanics at Elk River Tire and Auto shop for expert advice about your car or trucks cooling system. Contact our ASE Certified Technicians for radiator repair. Call (763) 441-2889 or go on-line at www.elkrivertireandauto.com for more information. Our auto shop in Elk River MN, proudly serves residents in the areas of Zimmerman, and Otsego, Minnesota. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: