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Qinghai emergency difficult site will be held to promote the Qinghai channel, people.com.cn original title in Xining: the province’s emergency difficult site promotion will be held September 29th in the city, the province’s "an acceptance, collaboration for" and "emergency difficult" will be held to promote peace in the region of East Sea city. Since 2014 the province to carry out a comprehensive summary of the meeting an acceptance, collaboration for "and" emergency difficult pilot work achievements, good experience and good practices to promote the exchange of advanced regions, and the next phase of work deployment. Provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Zancai Jean, Liu Haining, vice mayor of the city of East Sea, as well as the province’s cities and counties (districts) civil affairs system 130 people attended the meeting. Since 2014, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of finance to clear an acceptance, collaboration for "and" emergency difficult task as the implementation of social assistance mechanism and the starting point, efforts to promote the requirements. According to the spirit of the province to declare the Organization identified a total of 15 pilot provinces and regions. Over the past two years, in all levels of government attention and support, the civil affairs department under the efforts of each region as active, bold exploration and innovation, the province’s attack the storm tough, an acceptance, collaboration for "and" emergency difficult work smoothly, and achieved good results. The meeting, director of Ping District Civil Affairs Bureau Zhang Yuanlong reported on the safe to carry out emergency difficult comprehensive pilot work experience and practice. Chengdong District, Chengzhong District, Gangcha County, Golmud City, the person in charge of the exchange of Maduo County Emergency difficult comprehensive pilot work carried out. GA Tibetan that said at the meeting, since this year, the province’s emergency difficult work highlights: Township and community service window, a "one-stop" platform for accepting and forwarding and handling the feedback difficulties of the masses emergency relief assistance to apply for other matters 236 times, 4275 times, rescue completion rate reached more than 95%; more comprehensive policies and measures; explore the establishment of the emergency difficult fund; active discovery and rapid disposal mechanism gradually improve; social assistance information management level improved significantly. In the pilot fully affirmed the achievements at the same time, GA Tibetan to requirements, all localities should improve an acceptance, collaboration for working mechanism, carry out a comprehensive emergency difficult "as an important task of the current and future a period of social relief work firmly and realistically, to promote. To promote the precise force, an acceptance, collaboration for "and" emergency difficult work to develop in depth. To be coordinated, orderly, and strive to build "big relief system of government leaders, civil affairs, led by the relevant departments and make concerted efforts, broad participation of social forces"; to play an acceptance, collaboration for the working mechanism of the rescue effect, convergence of open channels of resources and emergency difficult work mechanism the relief, resources and emergency difficult interconnection complementary, constitute an organic whole; to implement the emergency difficult system and related policies to play, emergency difficult function, the difficulties of the masses effectively help timely; to improve comprehensive emergency relief effect, further improve the self discovery and a very important part of the rapid reaction an emergency difficult work; to enhance the level of application of information technology, and actively build the platform of social assistance information, guide social forces to participate in the emergency rescue)相关的主题文章: