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.puter support experts suggest that before going ahead with anything on a .puter system you need to make sure that the power is off. First you need to shut down the .puter and remove it from the switch. You need to make sure that you have removed it from the AC power cord. When you follow these .puter support steps you need not be a .puter geek. Even if you are a .puter novice or new to this .puter world then also you can follow these steps to install a CD/DVD drive to your PC. If you face any type of troubles you can always call up the tech support experts. Now it is time to open the .puter case to install the new CD or DVD drive into your PC. You need to remove the case of the .puter. Removing the case is easy. However, it may vary depending on the model of the .puter. In the .puter cases you will find many external drives but most of them are basically unused. The unused drive slot has a cover on them to prevent the dust entering into the case. If you want to install a drive you will need to remove a drive slot of 5.25" from the case. To remove these you will need to push some tabs inside or outside of the case. You may need to remove some screws too. Most of the .puter systems use IDE interface for CD or DVD drive. This IDE interface can have two devices on a single cable. If you want to install the DVD/CD drive on an exiting cable you need to set it on the slave mode. On the contrary, if the drive is going to stay on its own IDE cable, the drive is needed to be set to the master mode. Now it is time to place the CD/DVD drive into the case. You can either set it into the drive cage directly or you can set it through drive rails to the drive cage. .puter support experts suggest that if you are placing it through the rails you need to place it on the side of the drive and screw it properly. When the rails are placed nicely, you need to place the drive and rails into the slot properly. Ensure that these are fixed properly. In drive cage, you need to slide the drive into the slot and screw it to make sure these are placed into the appropriate slots. Now you need to attach the internal audio cable to ensure that audio files can be heard using .puter. When someone listens to music from a CD from a CD or DVD inside the CD/DVD drive the audio signal that is received from the .puter audio is routed from the drive to the .puter. Two small wires and a connector handle this. You will need to plug one end of this cable to the back of the DVD/CD drive. The other end will need to be inserted into the PC audio card or motherboard. Now you will need to connect the drive to the .puter. Most users use this as secondary hard drive. If this is not the case you can find out the free connector on the IDE cable. Find out the IDE ribbon cable that between the .puter and the hard drive and insert it into the hard drive. If the drive has own cables, then you can go ahead with inserting these cables to motherboard and the other connectors of the cable into the DVD/CD drive. Now you need to push it into the power supply. For this you will need to find out the 4-pin Molex connectors. You now need to insert one of these connectors into the power connector on the DVD/CD drive. Now you have got your drive installed into the .puter. So it is time to cover up the case once again. Place the screw to cover the .puter case. .puter support experts now want you to power on the .puter. Put the PC cord into the power source and turn the .puter on. Your system should automatically recognize the new driver and will start using it. Since it is a standard drive you may not install more drivers to run it However, make sure that you consult the manual properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: