Property market risk is excessive speculation-stand by me shinee

The risk of the property market lies in the excessive exposure of the exposure of the Sina Fund: the letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The market risk is that excessive speculation Yang growth since the second half of 2015, in the interest rate downward and to promote the real estate inventory policy, in some areas of China’s real estate sales blowout phenomenon, real estate sales grew 25%, sales grew by more than 40%, part of a second tier city center city prices Rose 20% to 50%. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are among the ten most expensive cities in the world. King frequency out of the country. House prices continued to spread to the two or three line of the city, residents panic buying phenomenon more and more serious. With the same Chinese stock market, China’s real estate market is a trading and speculation over the market, each big city zero up to the real estate intermediary shop every day and overcrowded Real Estate Trading Center, fully reflects the real estate excessive trading status. Some of the new urban areas are nearly half of the real estate intermediary stores. The traffic hub and the subway exit, pedestrians and tourists were surrounded by a group of holding a sign of real estate brokers, was dubbed the "overseas tourists Chinese the wonders of the world". A market can be speculative and excessive transactions, we must be created for the speculative market conditions suitable for speculation. Responsibility does not lie in the speculative, but in the supply and demand of the market and the design of the trading system. We can not put China’s stock market and the real estate market over speculation is simply attributed to the country has a strong speculative endowments. A suitable speculative market generally has four conditions. First, the supply is limited or controlled at a certain stage. A market that can be supplied with unlimited demand is not speculative. The two is that speculators can use leverage, that is, the use of other people’s money to speculate. Three market transactions are active enough, speculators can exit in time. The four is speculative income can be basically realized, the return of all speculative. China’s stock market and the real estate market is excessive speculation, because we created these four conditions for speculation. China’s stock market to implement the issuance of audit system, issued by the regulatory authorities to control the rhythm. China’s real estate market, the supply of land by the government at all levels, the pace of land supply does not depend on the market. China’s stock market and the real estate market can use leverage, the real estate market leverage ratio is much higher than the stock market. This year 1 ~ August residential sales amount of 1.5 trillion yuan, residents of housing loans increased nearly 3 trillion yuan this year, which shows the residents buy leverage rate of more than 60%. China’s stock market and real estate market are serious over two, are the world’s most frequent trading market, evolved into a market as if the level of service for the two market, the market is completely reversed. China’s capital gains tax on equity investment income tax on the secondary housing transactions have to levy 20% income tax. However, due to different policies around, some areas can be exempted. Even if the tax area, intermediaries can also do low prices, contract payments, etc.相关的主题文章: