Procuratorate staff hundreds of Suites superiors know – Sohu comments

Procuratorate staff on the top of a suite of executives know – Sohu comment on a person’s name has hundreds of sets of real estate, not the rich are not developers, but prosecutors staff. Recently, a net posts report, Jiangxi, Nanchang hi tech Zone, deputy director of the crime division, Xu Linbao and his family name up to more than and 380 sets of real estate. After investigation and verification of media reporters found that at least 83 sets of true. While claiming to Xu Lin medical nephew Mr. Chen said, the report is not entirely true, there is Alex more than and 100 houses, but they are real before the loans to buy, purchase funds for Xu Linbao’s business with his wife many years of business income. The high-tech zone Procuratorate’s latest response is that Xu Linbao’s duties are not deputy chief, but ordinary workers. In any case, a public officer of the judiciary, the name has at least hundreds of sets of real estate, and housing prices in the country’s leading Nanchang, surpassed before "family room" for all members, is beyond the scope of many human cognition. Marvel, people will naturally ask: where is the property, is not legitimate property? Of course, we can not engage in the presumption of guilt, to see a public officer has a lot of wealth, that it must be a problem. If the house has nothing to do with his power, and legitimate sources, legal compliance, also didn’t have too much criticism. However, before that many of the housing related officials of the case, a person was reported to have a lot of real estate, many times just caused the attention of the head, finally the result of the investigation, whistleblowers often there is money, corruption, bribery and corruption etc.. The main issue of the Xu Linbao was reported, in the name of the attorney general, to borrow billions of dollars, transfer to the company account associated with him. So the problem, the name of so many real estate, is to use their own legitimate income or loans to buy, or the use of the power of the hands of the "borrow" to? From the perspective of Xu Linbao’s public experience, this is a walk in the political and business circles of the two, there are people who operate the mind. At the time, may be allowed to go into business policy, or you may make a lot of money. But now, since he went back to the system, become the staff of the prosecution, it should be subject to discipline and discipline constraints, can not use public identity or position to seek personal interests. Although the house and property is just a pretext, but as a clue, it can be found that there are many problems in the master of public power of the people. This is also the main reason for pushing the leading cadres personal matters and property reporting system. Don’t know the preparation of workers is what level, but in the personal matters report scope is more and more, the increasingly strict requirements of the background, as the procuratorate public officials, the higher authorities should not absolutely ignorant of his personal property and other important matters. I do not know hanging in the name of Xu Linbao’s hundred sets of real estate, there is no organization and personnel and discipline inspection departments attention? In addition, Xu Linbao as a judicial officer, is also suspected of illegal business or connivance relatives business, and there is a huge source of property unknown. Now that I have to name him, There is abundant evidence. report, the Commission and the higher authorities should be on the work相关的主题文章: