Princess Cut Diamonds Make A Great

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews What do names like Chimento, Kwiat, Tacori and Mikimoto have in common? If you guessed prominent diamond jewelers, youre right. These firms and others that include designers and manufacturers of diamond watches like Movado, Citizens and Cartier are among the leading custom diamond jewelers in the industry today. Some of these companies and families have been around for a long time; others are fairly recent newcomers to the industry. In any event, each of the name diamond jewelers bring unique qualities to their craft and jewelry pieces that range from classic to quirky. The Process It all starts with certified loose diamonds. These are diamonds that have been examined and graded by a gemology lab. They are evaluated for weight and mass, given what is known as a carat rating; they are examined for internal flaws, which is determining their clarity; finally, the color is taken into consideration. Diamonds run the gamut from white and pale blue to dark brown and black. Diamonds that were exposed to radiation during their formation tend to be green and are extremely rare; although they may not receive a higher grade, they can be the most valuable certified loose diamonds of all. Once they are certified, loose diamonds go to an independent appraiser, who examines the cut and the fire. Based on these characteristics and taking into consideration current market conditions, these diamonds are given a monetary value. After this, they are put on the market, where professional jewelers purchase them for the creation of diamond rings, necklaces, diamond watches and other pieces. About Cuts Diamond cutting is an art and a science that has been developing since the time of the Renaissance, some 500 years ago. The first diamond cuts were fairly simple, and generally had not more than eight sides, following the natural structure of the gem. Today, there are many elaborate cuts as diamond cutters skills and techniques have evolved. These fall into two general categories: -Square Cuts: Examples of these include emerald cut diamonds and table cuts. These are square or rectangular; they have few, if any facets, so they do not sparkle. However, they do have relatively large flat surfaces that show off their clarity. An exceptionally flawless diamond is a good candidate for a square cut. These are often used for mens jewelry such as diamond cufflinks. -Round Cuts: These include rounded and oval diamonds that generally have many, many facets, displaying their fire. These are generally popular and therefore more valuable, even though they may be of fewer carats since more of the gems mass is lost in the cutting process. Princess cut diamonds are examples of round cuts, more often used for womens jewelry and diamond watches. The Finished Product Whether they are diamond watches or rings and bracelets, or even tiaras, diamond jewelers are the ones who design and craft the finished pieces. Some jewelers such as Tacori create the mounting then allow the customer to choose the gem that will go into it. Diamond watches are not generally sold this way, although the watch band may be. Just remember that ultimately, these diamond jewelers are working for you, so its important to make your wishes known and do some comparison shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: