Pregnant women suffering from leukemia rental house over a million claims of formaldehyde was reject winbook

Pregnant women suffering from leukemia rental house over a million claims of formaldehyde was rejected – Sohu news for the first instance verdict, Ms. Ren’s husband Liu (Figure two) said unacceptable. In order to facilitate the care of his wife just pregnant lady, Mr. Liu through an intermediary to rent a unit closer to the house, but after 3 months, Ms. Ren was diagnosed with leukemia. Two people in the air monitoring for housing, found in the air formaldehyde and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) concentration exceed the standard, then the intermediary chain of Beijing real estate brokerage company to court. Recently, the Daxing Court on the case of the first instance verdict, the court held that the existing evidence can not prove the existence of a causal relationship between the concentration of the two indicators of the disease and the disease detected in the house, and ultimately rejected the prosecution. The tenant occupancy leukemia prosecution claims nearly a million plaintiff Ms. Ren alleged that she and her husband Mr. Liu of the chain company with real, before signing the contract, Ms. Ren explicitly told each other that they are pregnant, hope to meet the national standards to provide indoor air and other aspects of the housing intermediary companies promised to obey. In July 26th last year, two people rent a house in the bedroom in Daxing District under the old palace Fangyuan, chain companies to make a written commitment to the security of the housing in the health and other aspects of the contract. Two people admitted, Ms. Ren almost every day in the domestic tire, a period of time after the discovery of severe anemia in pregnancy routine examination, after being diagnosed with pregnancy complicated with acute myeloid leukemia (M4), for which she had to foetus. Any doubt that the existence of a relationship with the environment, in March 16th this year, the rental housing for testing. Test report shows that the rental of formaldehyde and TVOC concentration in the air does not meet the standard requirements, where the standard value of formaldehyde is 0.10, the test results of the, TVOC standard value is 0.60, and the detection results of 0.72. She believes that the agency will indoor harmful substances do not meet the standard requirements of the rental housing for them, causing her suffering from leukemia, a serious violation of the right to life, right to health and physical power, should take full responsibility for its suffering from leukemia. To this end, she sued the agency to compensate for their hospitalization expenses, medical expenses, nursing expenses and mental damages totaling nearly one million yuan. Chain of cause of the disease is not clear and may be engaged in the industry about the trial, the chain of companies like this kind of disease incidence of leukemia that needs a period of time, although she referred to the hospital medical records in the time of housing, but also may have been sick before check. In addition, even if the house formaldehyde and TVOC exceeded, but this will lead to leukemia, remains to be discussed. At present, the cause of leukemia is still not clear, according to the present situation, including the geographical environment, ionizing radiation, drinking, smoking, etc. may be the cause of the disease." The chain of companies also said that the president for many years engaged in the catering industry, not only in the cooking process will produce large amounts of toxic and harmful gases, and will use a large number of disinfectants and cleaning agents, which are likely to be any reason the prevalence of ms.. After the incident, we have taken a variety of measures to help the ladies, including the launch of the internal love相关的主题文章: