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Pregnant with baby, these postures will not you out! – the mother and child of the Sohu, whether pregnant or baby, for parents, is a new challenge. Especially in the face of small, soft baby, I both love and fear, fear of a careless, hurt the fragile baby. So, in October today, the bacteria will teach you to learn the correct posture! The correct sleeping posture during pregnancy in October bacteria tips: 1 pregnant mother should pay attention to change the pillow in a timely manner, to prevent the breeding of pillow mites, mold, allergies or respiratory diseases. Try to drink less before going to bed 2, avoid urinate frequently, affect sleep. Correct posture holding baby tips: 1 October from mothers should wash hands, remove the ring on hand to hold the baby, to avoid the damage to the baby’s delicate skin. 2 hold the baby, the action should be gentle, smooth, it is best to smile at the baby. 3 months ago, baby neck strength is very weak, so the mother should always pay attention to support the baby’s head. 4 do not hold for a long time, newborn baby bones grow quickly, holding a long time will inhibit and affect the growth of children’s bones. Correct breastfeeding posture in October, a small hint: 1 can often change the feeding position, both good breast dredge, but also to ease the pain of the mother arm. 2 it is best not to let the baby with the nipple to sleep, a nurse to keep in about 20-30 minutes. 3 when feeding attention do not let the baby through the breast and nose, to prevent the occurrence of asphyxia. The right to wrap the baby posture in October, a small hint: 1 package does not force the baby to change the natural position. 2 wrap the cloth below the neck, the face can not be covered. 3 package should not be too tight, to ensure that the buttocks, legs, chest, free movement. Right to the baby burping posture tips: 1 October by burping should bend your fingers together, hand, don’t leak in the baby on the back. 2 every meal can be divided into 2-3 times to burping, don’t wait until after the baby all shot. 3 each burping lasts for 5 minutes. Nothing can be more than pregnant mother and fetal treasure thing big? Open the WeChat search on October, care of the public number, here are the most reliable parenting and maternal knowledge. Do not miss passing through the passing of each reminder of the October bacteria!相关的主题文章: